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Special K Rethinks Jeans Shopping With a Smart and Inspirational Marketing Campaign


Recently, a new (to me) commercial for Special K caught my eye. The commercial shows a number of different women entering a department store called “Rethink Your Jeans.” As they browse the racks looking for jeans to try on, they notice that there aren’t any sizes marked on the labels. A woman who works at the store emerges asking if she can measure a female shopper. As she wraps the measuring tape around the shopper’s waist she remarks “you are radiant.” There’s a shot of women’s feet under the doors in the dressing room exclaiming things like “I’m size strong” and “I like that size!”. Another woman adds, “Not seeing the number is so freeing!”

Simple text is shown on a white background reading “Let’s rethink what defines us” while a woman’s voice says, “To feel amazing, I think that’s what makes a woman beautiful.”

special k more than a number

I’ll be honest here. I’m not really a fan of Special K’s products and haven’t purchased any in recent memory. However, I really dig this commercial and its message. It might come off as a little cliche and cheesy but it resonates with me. Apparently the sizes written on clothing labels in certain stores are proportionately smaller than they really are in order to “flatter” the buyers. As someone who will avoid buying jeans one size larger because I don’t want to have to buy that next size up (even if they would be much more comfortable!) I know just how much power that number can hold over our minds. I know that clothes shopping would definitely be a more positive experience if the sizes on the labels were replaced with words like “inspiring” and “strong.” (more…)

Recall: Special K Red Berries Cereal for Potential Glass Contamination

  • Possibility of glass fragments in Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries Cereal has prompted the company to announce a voluntary recall.
  • 11.2-ounce package, UPC Code 38000 59923
  • 22.4-ounce twin pack, UPC Code 38000 78356
  • 37-ounce package, UPC Code 38000 20940
  • The company says any other sizes or versions of its Special K cereal are not at risk for this recall. (more…)

Special K Diet and Mamavation Helped Lindsay Chung Kick Start Her Weight Loss

At the start of the new year Lindsay Chung decided it was time to get serious about her weight loss. On January 2, Lindsay weighed 176.2 pounds and says she couldn’t stand the sight of the number. Se knew she had to do something to change it. However, Lindsay’s number one obstacle was her addiction to food. “My only real obstacle was that I’m addicted to food – plain and simple. I like to eat whether I’m full or not,” she told us. Lindsay is not alone, there are people who cannot get enough of food and this contributes to their weight gain.

One day Lindsey joined an online community called Mamavation, a website set out to challenge mothers to makeover their lifestyles. The site and program were founded by Leah Segedie of BookieBoo.com, who has also shared her True Weight Loss Story with us. Soon after joining Mamavation Lindsay started their 2 Week Challenge, which consists of six days of hardcore workouts and one day of rest. After the 2 Week Challenge, she found a love for exercise. (more…)

Packaged Foods Falsely Marketed as Weight Loss Aids

If you’ve turned on your TV in the past week you’ve no doubt been inundated with ads and messages from some of the biggest packaged food marketers around. The New Year is like Black Friday for the billion-dollar weight loss industry, as this is the best opportunity to catch new dieters. Marketers from commercial diets to pills and yogurt want your attention, and your dollars, as you make an effort to stick to a resolution to better yourself; a resolution that for most people has to do with losing weight.

As you start making changes this week, be a conscious consumer and don’t accept those advertising claims at face value. The more Yoplait, Diet Coke, and frozen foods you toss in your cart, and eventually in to your mouth, the more you’ll continue to fall short of your goals.

Yes, the package says they’re healthier. It even says things like fortified, low-calorie, natural, or a host of others that they get away with via some tricky loopholes in food labeling. They’re nothing more than a clever disguise.

“These foods are ‘nutritious’ because they are fortified by adding a few nutrients,” said Mary Hartley, RD, our resident dietitian. “Because so many other nutrients are removed during processing, they pale in comparison to natural foods. The foods do not contain any particular ingredient to promote weight loss; rather, it is either the small portion, or single serving, or boring repetition recommended by the manufacturer that relatively reduces calorie intake.”

Those fewer calories you’re consuming are also empty calories, meaning they’re void of nutrition. So you’re feeding your body unnecessary calories and not getting anything else out of it.

Some of the biggest culprits falsely advertising their weight loss capabilities, include Special K, Yoplait, diet soda, Slim-Fast, and Lean Cuisines. Continue reading to see why they’re on our list, and what the healthier alternative is.

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Cereal: The Healthy Way to Kick off Your Day

Kellogg’s Special K cereal is the best known attempt to market cereal as a diet food. Now, I doubt that most professional nutritionists worth their salt would recommend cereal as two meals a day for a serious answer to your long-term weight loss goals. But that’s not to say it should be discounted as a healthy food option that can and should be a regular part of your diet.

Cereal, especially those with a formidable amount of fiber, can be a great way to start your day, and avoid premature hunger pangs before lunch. I, for one, enjoy cereal… even if it’s as an evening sweet snack. It’s usually a better choice than other sweet tooth solutions. (more…)

Special K Challengers Watch Out for Trans Fat

Just in time for bikini weather, Special K has challenged any bikini-wearer to the Special K Challenge. Similar to other meal-replacement diets, you eat a bowl of Special K cereal or Special K waffles for breakfast, a similar Special K lunch and a “normal” dinner, whatever normal means.

special k challenge As yummy as Special K is (I love the Special K cereal with strawberries and their honey-nut cereal bars), their protein bars and my beloved honey-nut cereal bar contain trans fats. Trans fats as you may have heard already, are the latest evil fat because of their power to increase risk for heart disease, certain cancers and degenerative diseases.

The FDA, our food and drug regulatory agent, has said that any food can be listed as containing no trans fats if it contains 0.49 grams of trans fat in 1 serving. My cereal bars and your Special K protein bar fit that bill, but if you read the ingredient list, you’ll see the trans fats listed in there under the guise of “partially hydrogenated oil.” But your bowl of Special K does NOT contain any trans fats. That is great news for us who are up for the Special K Challenge and want to munch loudly and guilt-free.