Special K Challengers Watch Out for Trans Fat

Just in time for bikini weather, Special K has challenged any bikini-wearer to the Special K Challenge. Similar to other meal-replacement diets, you eat a bowl of Special K cereal or Special K waffles for breakfast, a similar Special K lunch and a “normal” dinner, whatever normal means.

special k challenge As yummy as Special K is (I love the Special K cereal with strawberries and their honey-nut cereal bars), their protein bars and my beloved honey-nut cereal bar contain trans fats. Trans fats as you may have heard already, are the latest evil fat because of their power to increase risk for heart disease, certain cancers and degenerative diseases.

The FDA, our food and drug regulatory agent, has said that any food can be listed as containing no trans fats if it contains 0.49 grams of trans fat in 1 serving. My cereal bars and your Special K protein bar fit that bill, but if you read the ingredient list, you’ll see the trans fats listed in there under the guise of “partially hydrogenated oil.” But your bowl of Special K does NOT contain any trans fats. That is great news for us who are up for the Special K Challenge and want to munch loudly and guilt-free.

2 Responses to Special K Challengers Watch Out for Trans Fat

Katrina says:

It’s scary how food manufacturers sneak all of that stuff right under our noses. Thanks for the head’s up. I’m definitely getting better about reading food labels.

farah says:

i want to know i just starred taking special K, it taste really sweet my concern is too much sweet is not good for diet so please reply is it fine taking too much sweet bowl of special K. thanks

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