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Don’t Succumb To “Sitting Disease.” Stand Up and Live Longer At Work

Stand up! Whether you work in a cubicle farm, an office with windows or other desk “situation,” stand up! Because all that sitting is not only bad for your waistline, it contributes to  muscle degeneration, poor circulation, foggy brain, disk degeneration, and a whole host of other bad consequences for your body. If you have a sit-down job, you need to rethink your workstation – now!

standing desk 1

Create a Standing Work Desk

You may be chained to a desk job but that doesn’t mean your butt has to be chained to the seat. Studies show you burn 40 percent more calories standing than sitting, and it may even be better for your metabolic system. The beauty of the standing work desk is that you can get creative and DIY yourself a solution, or purchase a commercial desk.

standing desk 2This stand-up station from Office Max costs $219.00 and allows the user to adjust the keyboard and monitor to the perfect height for standing, then back down for sitting.  Experts say that a 50:50 sitting/standing ratio per day is optimal.

Low on funds? Don’t let that be an excuse to keep on sitting. My standing desk is comprised of a laptop stacked on an empty Amazon delivery box that sits on the kitchen counter. It’s not pretty, but it works. Bonus – When the dishwasher goes through the final dry cycle, I get a nice little steam facial because it’s nestled under the counter below me.

As you set up your standing desk, be sure to remember these important tips:

  • Adjust the monitor height so it doesn’t cause neck fatigue
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Place a mat underneath you to reduce fatigue and joint pain


Work it Off: Burn Away a 446-Calorie Bowl of Soup

During winter I make a lot of soup. But it’s hard to find a recipe that has enough protein, fiber, fat and so forth to keep me satisfied for hours after mealtime. Recently I tried a new take on tomato soup—one with lots of chickpeas in it. It’s actually pretty similar to the Best Life Diet’s Chickpea and Tomato Soup, only I add a scoop of pesto and leave out the ginger, cilantro, curry, and lemon.

tomato pesto soup

This is no overindulgence—all of the ingredients are healthy and eaten together they really do provide a filling, tasty meal. But I was pretty surprised to see that the aforementioned recipe packs a 446-calorie punch. This isn’t a crazy amount of calories—as I mentioned, it feels filling enough that I tend to skip my afternoon snack when I eat it for lunch—but it still seems high for vegetable soup. Add on the fact that I sit at a desk for most of the day and you’ll see how a even a healthy soup could potentially lead to unwanted pounds.

So, how can I make sure that this delicious soup fuels more than just my fingers, typing away on the keyboard? Here are 3 ways to burn off the 446 calories in from this bowl of soup:


Two Conversations About Standing Desks: Benefits, Evolution, and Pinball

Standing desks are no longer just trendy, conversational pieces of avant garde furniture. In fact, the health benefits of introducing a standing desk to your workspace outweigh the potential long term ailments associated with sitting. Desk work can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, back pain and an increased diabetes risk. By standing and working, the body burns more calories and tends to function the way it was designed to function—our distant ancestors didn’t do all that hunting and gathering for nothing. We weren’t meant to sit around all day.

Here at DietsInReview HQ in Wichita, we have the privilege of officing at a modern and creative work place called The Labor Party, and we didn’t have to go very far to find champions of the standing desk. I recently spoke with Kenton Hansen, landlord of The Labor Party, and Barrett Morgan, a web developer and fellow Labor Partier about how “standers” have changed their lives.



What inspired you to implement a standing desk to your office space?

I wanted more physical exertion in my life that wouldn’t effect the efficiency of my day. I felt tired at first, but enjoyed staying more mobile throughout the day. I started getting more work done but the day didn’t seem to drag on like usual. I bike to work, stand at work, and use a standing desk at home. I still lay down to sleep from time to time.