Don’t Succumb To “Sitting Disease.” Stand Up and Live Longer At Work

Stand up! Whether you work in a cubicle farm, an office with windows or other desk “situation,” stand up! Because all that sitting is not only bad for your waistline, it contributes to  muscle degeneration, poor circulation, foggy brain, disk degeneration, and a whole host of other bad consequences for your body. If you have a sit-down job, you need to rethink your workstation – now!

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Create a Standing Work Desk

You may be chained to a desk job but that doesn’t mean your butt has to be chained to the seat. Studies show you burn 40 percent more calories standing than sitting, and it may even be better for your metabolic system. The beauty of the standing work desk is that you can get creative and DIY yourself a solution, or purchase a commercial desk.

standing desk 2This stand-up station from Office Max costs $219.00 and allows the user to adjust the keyboard and monitor to the perfect height for standing, then back down for sitting.  Experts say that a 50:50 sitting/standing ratio per day is optimal.

Low on funds? Don’t let that be an excuse to keep on sitting. My standing desk is comprised of a laptop stacked on an empty Amazon delivery box that sits on the kitchen counter. It’s not pretty, but it works. Bonus – When the dishwasher goes through the final dry cycle, I get a nice little steam facial because it’s nestled under the counter below me.

As you set up your standing desk, be sure to remember these important tips:

  • Adjust the monitor height so it doesn’t cause neck fatigue
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Place a mat underneath you to reduce fatigue and joint pain



Invest In A Walking Desk

standing desk 3When Dr. James Levine invented the treadmill desk, he took multitasking to a whole nutha’ level. His research at the Mayo Clinic revealed that the average person can burn up to 100 calories per HOUR, while walking at a slow pace.

While purchasing a walking treadmill can be quite an investment with prices ranging from $600 to $3,000 dollars, you can also make one by combining a used treadmill and building your own desktop.

Companies who manufacture treadmill desks say that a comfortable speed to perform daily tasks while still burning calories is 1 mile per hour.


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Set A “Get Up and Move” Timer

I bet you have a million excuses for why you sit too long at work including, “This spreadsheet isn’t going to calculate itself,” and “I like to get lost in a good Power Point presentation,” but none of those reasons are good enough. If you’re not able to stand while you’re working, it’s essential that you take mini breaks to get up and move. Not even vigorous daily exercise can combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Set a timer for 30-60 minutes. Every time it goes off, that’s your cue to stand up, walk and stretch. It’s probably time for another glass of water anyway, right? So get up and do a few laps around Cubicle City before you fill your mug and get back to work.
  • Optimal stretches include neck-rolls, toe-touches and calf stretches. To ease stiff neck and shoulders, place your hands behind your back interlocking your fingers so your palms face each other. Lower your chin and lift arms up slowly.
  • Easy office exercises you can even while wearing heels: Squats, lunges, and wide-angle push-ups using your desk for balance


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