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Gold Bond’s New Powder Spray is Perfect for Runners

It’s summertime, and this year it looks like the heat is hanging on for dear life. As an athlete, I’m used to sweating, but when the humidity skyrockets, I no longer sweat, I pour. This pouring can bring on so many more issues, like chafing. A small irritation that leads to a constant pain with every swing of the arm or stride of the leg. Seriously, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Thankfully there are options out there to keep the chaffing away. Gold Bond has just released one of the most helpful products yet.

Gold Bond Powder

 Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray just hit the market. similar to the classic powder formula, the spray is intended to keep people dry and cool. Is there anyone desiring dryness and coolness more than a runner? The best way to test this new product was to simply let runners use it and report the findings.

Sean Amore and Emily Behlmann are two runners taking part in a training promotion called “”The Local Joes.” The “Joes” are people who have never been runners, haven’t run in a long time, or simply haven’t trained specifically to finish a race. They are training for Wichita’s Prairie Fire Marathon and Half Marathon. They were perfect test subjects for the Gold Bond spray. Sean and Emily have gotten to know the brutal trials that runners go through, even the chafing blunders, this summer. They both tested the sprays and here’s what the new or renewed runners had to say.


The Science of Sweat: Why You Should Embrace it

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for mother nature to bring some cooler temperatures our way because I’m tired of sweating from simply walking around campus. When I’m in class sweating from every pore in my body, I can’t focus in school. But don’t get me wrong! I love sweating…when I’m exercising.

Sweat is vital, according to health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour. “Sweating is really good for you and it’s bad if you aren’t sweating,” she said. “Not sweating indicates that you are not hydrated or you aren’t working out as hard as you should be.”

Sweating helps control the temperature inside of the body. A form of bad sweating is excessive sweating, which is when a person sweats more than they should. Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis, which is uncontrollable sweating caused by high concentration of sweat glands.

Physical activity and sweating go hand-in-hand. Stephanie loves spin class as her favorite sweaty workout. “In cycling classes, everyone gets sweaty. Even though it is cardio, you are doing interval training as well, which is more intense.” (more…)

Men Sweat, Women Really Do Glow

You know the saying “women don’t sweat, they glow”? Turns out it’s more than just a cute phrase. It’s kind of true.

A recent study published in the journal Experimental Physiology found that men are more effective sweaters during exercise. How is one more effective, you ask? Well, when it comes to exercising, women have to work harder and more intensely than men to start sweating. (more…)