Gold Bond’s New Powder Spray is Perfect for Runners

It’s summertime, and this year it looks like the heat is hanging on for dear life. As an athlete, I’m used to sweating, but when the humidity skyrockets, I no longer sweat, I pour. This pouring can bring on so many more issues, like chafing. A small irritation that leads to a constant pain with every swing of the arm or stride of the leg. Seriously, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Thankfully there are options out there to keep the chaffing away. Gold Bond has just released one of the most helpful products yet.

Gold Bond Powder

 Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray just hit the market. similar to the classic powder formula, the spray is intended to keep people dry and cool. Is there anyone desiring dryness and coolness more than a runner? The best way to test this new product was to simply let runners use it and report the findings.

Sean Amore and Emily Behlmann are two runners taking part in a training promotion called “”The Local Joes.” The “Joes” are people who have never been runners, haven’t run in a long time, or simply haven’t trained specifically to finish a race. They are training for Wichita’s Prairie Fire Marathon and Half Marathon. They were perfect test subjects for the Gold Bond spray. Sean and Emily have gotten to know the brutal trials that runners go through, even the chafing blunders, this summer. They both tested the sprays and here’s what the new or renewed runners had to say.

When asked if the Gold Bond spray had prevented any issues, Amore said, “for sure.” Behlmann commented that she targeted the spray on a chafed area, while it burned slightly as first, she said, “…it was soothing after that and it reduced the itching.”

gold bond powder sprayThe unique aspect of this product is that it’s a spray, when asked if this product stood out among similar type products they may have tried, Amore said, “Yes. Less messy than other powders and I prefer it to salves and lotions that add moisture to prevent chafing and moisture.”

Behlmann has run for several years and hadn’t used a similar product before Gold Bond. However, when asked about her general thoughts she said, “It’s nice that it’s a spray. I was able to let a friend use some also. Other products I’ve seen are in roll-on or stick form, which isn’t good for sharing.”

Amore was asked his overall impression and he said, “I like the tingle of the classic more than the fresh scent, but both are great. If I bought more (which I probably will) I would just get the regular [classic].”

The sprays come in two formulas, Classic and Fresh. You can find the sprays on the shelf in many places now, including Target and Walgreens.

There’s too little time in a day to fuss with irritation from a workout. Seems like an easy solution would be to grab a bottle of Gold Bond and cover yourself.

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