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5 Tips for Healthier 4th of July Travels

By Stephanie Mansour with Dana Shultz 

If you’re on the road this Fourth of July, that doesn’t mean your healthy ways should go out of town, too. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little indulgence in the way of food and decadent desserts, there something to be said about keeping things in moderation as to not totally blow your diet. Below you’ll find five simple solutions from fitness guru Stephanie Mansour, that will help you keep your waistline intact while navigating this holiday the healthy way.

How much of eating healthy on the road is mentality and how much is actual choices? 

Eating healthy on the road starts with a mentality. If you intend to eat healthy and even plan ahead, you will set yourself up for successful healthy eating. But if you don’t plan or have an intention to eat healthy, you’ll probably end up eating a fattening alternative. Make sure you are eating every 3-4 hours, including a serving of protein and fruit or vegetables. Even if you stop at McDonalds or Taco Bell – get a small portion of protein and load it with a side of veggies. Think outside of the box and always remember the protein plus fruit/veggie rule!  (more…)

Stay on Track Despite Holiday Traveling Pitfalls

By Rachel Berman RD, Director of Nutrition at CalorieCount.com

Over the river and through the woods or wherever else you plan to go this year, traveling for the holidays can throw a wrench into your healthy lifestyle efforts. From impulse snack buys to big sit-down dinners, it is true many Americans gain about a pound each holiday season that sticks and accumulates over the years. Despite hectic holiday travel, you can avoid that pound or more by following a few easy steps.

Plan Ahead

Packing healthy snacks is always a smart decision when you are on the go. If there is a chance you may get stuck in an airport or in traffic, plan ahead to stave off your hunger with an easy-to-pack snack like trail mix, a protein bar, fresh fruit, a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread, or any other non-perishable snack. With nutritious, tasty options at your fingertips, you will not be as tempted by less-than-ideal snacks for sale and will be less likely to show up at your destination ravenous, ready to overeat. In addition, waiting many hours between meals can contribute to a slower metabolism. So if you think you should skip the snack and save the calories for later, think again.


Avoiding the Holiday Vacation Food Trap

Along with the holidays often comes the joy of traveling. Although holiday travel may be a fun break from routine, it can also cause a major road block on your path towards better eating. To help you avoid the holiday vacation food trap, here are a few simple tips to keep you eating well as you make a trip to spend time with loved ones.

Avoiding the Holiday Vacation Food Trap

Plan Ahead

You probably already have a travel itinerary for where you plan to go, who you plan to visit, and what you plan to do. Why not also think in advance about what and where you are going to eat? Use the Internet to seek out your healthy eating options before you leave or ask the friends and family you are visiting what restaurants offer the most nutritious meals in their area.

Pack Snacks

Whether you are traveling by train, car, plane, or even boat, grab and go foods seem to always be available to curb mid-travel munchies. Instead of relying on what your mode of transportation has to offer, come prepared with your own healthy snacks. Veggie strips, baked chips, granola, fresh fruit, and almonds all make great travel options.