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10 Jobs That Make You Fat

Is going to work making you fat? It may be, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder which found there are certain jobs that leave you more prone to weight gain, primarily due to high stress and lack of movement. So the question is, is your job on the list?

Travel Agent: Airport food anyone? Travel agents have a rough occupation with constant travel and change, which often means an inability to plan ahead for meals and workouts.

Attorney/Judge: These occupations likely made the list for their high-stress nature, which has been proven to make us fat. In fact, I’ve known of several lawyers who gained weight during law school due to anxiety about performing well in class. And can you imagine the level of stress once lawyers actually get out in workforce? Not to mention the adverse effects of working long hours. Upholding the law is no light order!

Social Worker: This is another position that involves a lot of stress and an ever-shifting schedule. These two factors can lead social workers to grab for fast food in a pinch or to cope with stressful situations. (more…)