10 Jobs That Make You Fat

Is going to work making you fat? It may be, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder which found there are certain jobs that leave you more prone to weight gain, primarily due to high stress and lack of movement. So the question is, is your job on the list?

Travel Agent: Airport food anyone? Travel agents have a rough occupation with constant travel and change, which often means an inability to plan ahead for meals and workouts.

Attorney/Judge: These occupations likely made the list for their high-stress nature, which has been proven to make us fat. In fact, I’ve known of several lawyers who gained weight during law school due to anxiety about performing well in class. And can you imagine the level of stress once lawyers actually get out in workforce? Not to mention the adverse effects of working long hours. Upholding the law is no light order!

Social Worker: This is another position that involves a lot of stress and an ever-shifting schedule. These two factors can lead social workers to grab for fast food in a pinch or to cope with stressful situations.

Teacher: It seems teachers have it all – Hanging out with kids, no weekends, summers off. But in reality, teaching requires a lot of sitting and grading, and is certainly provides no short supply of stress. Not to mention the temptation of cafeteria food, school vending machines and birthday treats constantly being paraded in by parents. Sounds like a recipe for disaster for your health.

Artist/Designer/Architect: Painting, design work, sketching. All of these activities involving sitting and lots of it. While given the benefit of creativity, people in this artsy line of work can often suffer the consequences of a little-to-no activity job.

Administrative Assistant: It almost goes without saying, but this job may be the most stressful of all for its incredibly unhealthy environment. People in this line of work often juggle several other people’s schedules in addition to their own while answering phones all day, which we all know can be no easy task. If you can at all avoid it, we recommend putting this career option on hold.

Physician: While it seems doctors should be the healthiest people of all, this is ironically not always the case as a physicians’ work can demand long hours and high levels of stress, leaving little time for a healthy diet and exercise.

Protective Services: With plenty of stress and an unpredictable schedule, people in this line of work are not far off from the consequences of those in social work: greater risk of an unhealthy diet and health problems brought on by anxiety and stressful situations.

Marketing/Public Relations Professional: It takes one to know one. I know the downsides of marketing and PR positions firsthand. People in this field are often sitting for long periods of time, being put under high amounts of stress, and attending client lunches and events where eating temptations are in no short supply.

Information Technology Professional: Does computer gut mean anything to you? IT personnel can be more likely to tip the scales for their lack of activity due to plenty of time on their tush in front of computer screens.

If this list leaves you wondering what jobs aren’t not the list, we’ve got you covered. A few of the healthiest jobs as noted by FitSugar include chiropractor, florist, nutritionist, personal trainer, running coach and yoga instructor. These jobs were ranked based on whether or not they were athletics-related or promoted a balanced, wholesome work environment.

One of the best places to work? Google, for their healthy cafeteria, wide offering of fitness classes, and overall message of promoting health for its employees.

But the truth is, anyone in any job can become unhealthy if they let it happen. It simply takes a lot of determination, self control and hard work to remain healthy in any job; some just have to it harder than others.

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