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Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Final Thoughts

I made it! We’d set-out to do six days as vegetarians and we did. In this last video I discuss the meals I had for my last day as a vegetarian, as well as some of my takeaways for the week. I found that living as a vegetarian was fairly economical, was much easier to implement than expected, and I wasn’t anywhere near as hungry each day as I’d anticipated. All-in-all being a vegetarian for a week was a fun experience, and one I’m now challenging you to take.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Five

I decided I needed a night off from the kitchen. I typically make three meals a day in my kitchen, so I don’t usually have a hard time justifying letting someone else wear the chef’s hat! I’d planned on having us dine out once this week, so that we could experience the vegetarian side of a menu for once. I also wanted to try tofu for the first time tonight. All of these needs were satisfied at P.F. Chang’s. Watch to hear how vegetarian day five went.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Four

We’re in the thick of it now. We’ve made it to day four of the vegetarian challenge and really no complaints. It hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I had anticipated, but I also don’t foresee a complete lifestyle change coming out of this.

Watch now as I recap our day four vegetarian meals, including a tip for stretching your economical and nutritional dollar.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Three

Day three of the vegetarian challenge seems to have been another success. My husband asked me if I had cheated by sneaking meat and I declared no! This has been a lot more trying for me than it has him – he’d eat anything where I’m a little more particular.

Tuesdays are what we call “YOYO Night” in my house (you’re on your own). I do dinner on my own on Tuesdays, usually some leftovers or some fruit and cheese, but last night I didn’t want to cop-out of the vegetarian plan. Watch now as I prepare one of my favorite personal recipes, a Southwestern Salad with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Two

We’ve made it into day two of our vegetarian for a week challenge, and so far so good. Yesterday seemed to go more smoothly than day one, mostly in that the feelings of hunger all day were absent.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day One

It’s finally here, my vegetarian for a week challenge. I explain the background of the challenge here, but to recap, my husband had this “brilliant” idea to go vegetarian for a week and I accepted. Watch to see how day one went.

Day one was relatively easy on us. Our vegetarian meals were all simple to prepare, tasty and rather filling. One of my only real concerns going into this was feeling hungry. I admit I felt some hunger yesterday; I don’t know if I was just psyching myself into it, or if the pangs were legit. (more…)

Vegetarian for a Week Recipe Challenge

My husband recently challenged me to go vegetarian for a week. I laughed when he suggested our breakfasts, lunches and dinners be sans meat for seven days. Then I thought about it, and decided it could be a fun way to sort of “cleanse” for Spring, and create an interesting dietary and culinary challenge for myself. (more…)