Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Final Thoughts

I made it! We’d set-out to do six days as vegetarians and we did. In this last video I discuss the meals I had for my last day as a vegetarian, as well as some of my takeaways for the week. I found that living as a vegetarian was fairly economical, was much easier to implement than expected, and I wasn’t anywhere near as hungry each day as I’d anticipated. All-in-all being a vegetarian for a week was a fun experience, and one I’m now challenging you to take.

Day Six Vegetarian Menu

  • Breakfast – egg white veggie omelet. The usual, full of mushrooms, spinach, red peppers, egg whites and served with whole grain toast.fruit-salad
  • Lunch – misc. salads. I attended a luncheon where I skipped the meat and cheese tray and filled up on pasta salad, garden salad and fresh fruit.
  • Dinner – roasted red pepper panini. We found ourselves out with friends Friday night for dinner. I had a roasted red pepper panini with spinach and mozzarella cheese, served with a small salad (dressing on the side!). It was devine!

Thanks for sharing this vegetarian journey with me. I’ve enjoyed keeping you up to speed on how we progressed.

Am I going to become a vegetarian? It’s safe to say no. Will I serve more vegetarian meals? Definitely. We found a lot of new things we like and discovered new uses for old favorites. If you start your own vegetarian challenge, definitely let us know, and check-out our vegetarian recipes for inspiration.

3 Responses to Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Final Thoughts

Kay says:

I am going vegetarian for a week. I actually started yesterday, surprised at how I was NOT starving. But today is a work day and that will really tell the tale on my veggie meal choice and hunger pangs.

Brandi says:

That’s great Kay!! I too felt hungry the first day, but throughout the week didn’t. The proof will definitely be in your food choices. I wish you a lot of luck!

Lizz says:

I never felt hungry when I first became vegetarian. Then again at that point in my life, I was eating a LOT every day. Lots of vegetables, fruits, juices, yogurt, salad, brown rice. I was never hungry, I just felt oddly clean on the inside.

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