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Wii Fit U Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals at Home and All Day Long

Last month, I gave you a side-by-side comparison of today’s most popular fitness gadgets. We looked at the Jawbone UP, the Nike FuelBand, the Fitbit Force, and a few other wearable devices you can take with you to track your physical activity on the go. There’s another contender in this area that deserves your consideration, and that’s the Wii Fit U. It’ll appeal most to those of you who already have a Nintendo Wii U game console, as opposed to those starting from scratch. Here’s a look at how it works.



Wii Fit U ‘Fit Meter’
The Fit Meter is one of three components that make up the complete Wii Fit U bundle. It’s the actual device you wear on the outside of your clothes when you’re out and about. Not only does it function as a pedometer, but it also keeps track of calories you burn and your activity throughout the day.


The Pros and Cons Of Video Game Workouts

This decade has been a rather interesting one with all the new technology and fitness trend advances. Home fitness has become extremely popular these days and companies like Nintendo and XBOX are completely capitalizing on this with the release of the WiiFit and Kinect, respectively. The new biggest things are workout video games- which I am completely for if it gets you up and moving. I strongly believe that anything that can motivate you to exercise is a good thing. I, personally, am old fashioned and love to run outdoors and hit the weights indoors at the gym. That is definitely not for everyone, and this new advance in in-home fitness is perfect for today’s population. With that being said, there are pros and cons to video game workouts, so read on to decide if they are for you.