The Pros and Cons Of Video Game Workouts

This decade has been a rather interesting one with all the new technology and fitness trend advances. Home fitness has become extremely popular these days and companies like Nintendo and XBOX are completely capitalizing on this with the release of the WiiFit and Kinect, respectively. The new biggest things are workout video games- which I am completely for if it gets you up and moving. I strongly believe that anything that can motivate you to exercise is a good thing. I, personally, am old fashioned and love to run outdoors and hit the weights indoors at the gym. That is definitely not for everyone, and this new advance in in-home fitness is perfect for today’s population. With that being said, there are pros and cons to video game workouts, so read on to decide if they are for you.

Cons Of Video Game Workouts:

  • Limits the variety of physical activity
  • Stuck inside rather than enjoying the fresh air
  • Decreases social interaction
  • Lack of strength training
  • Some muscles or parts of the body can be missed or overlooked. All muscles are not targeted or trained like in normal weight and cardiovascular training.
  • May bother neighbors or roommates
  • Games systems are a big hit on the bank account, and it is even more expensive to purchase new games.
  • Video game workouts tend to be lower intensity than traditional workouts.

Pros Of Video Game Workouts:

  • Combines fun and exercise together
  • Promotes weight management
  • Helps improve and increase physical activity
  • Accessible for all ages and populations
  • Brings family and friends together
  • Less intimidation than the gym

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