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An organic super food from Brazil packing a healthy dose of nutrients.

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  • Product: A natural berry that grows in the Amazon rain forest
  • Accessibility: Online and some retailers in pill form
  • Diet Type: Dietary supplement
  • Gender: Male and female

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Just the mention of a product coming from the Amazon has the overtones of possessing mysterious health benefits. Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is the high-energy berry of a special Amazon palm tree. Its nutritional benefits are so powerful, Dr. Nicholas Perricone lists it as one of his top 10 Super Foods at Oprah's Web site.

Studies have shown that the Acai berry is one of the more nutritious and powerful foods on the planet. Harvested in the rainforests of Brazil, Acai tastes like a mix of berries and chocolate. Hidden within its purple pigment is what makes it the perfect energy fruit. Acai is packed full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. You probably won't find it in your local supermarket, but you may have better luck at health food stores, or from the many products springing up online.

The benefits of Acai are purported to be good for detoxing and maintaining optimal health for balancing your pH level. Proper pH balance is vital to our immune health and for disease prevention and correction. Other benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Acai has a high concentration of antioxidants that combat premature aging. It has 10 times the antioxidants that red grapes have, and as much as 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine. Anthocyanins may have antioxidant effects, possibly fighting cancer, diabetes, and bacterial infections, to name a few.
  • Healthy monounsaturated fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols together help promote cardiovascular and digestive health.
  • An amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals, help with muscular health.

  • Research concludes that there appear to be significant benefits to Acai
  • On Dr. Perricone's list of Super Foods
  • Natural ingredients have disease-fighting qualities
  • Increases energy
  • Offers antioxidants and amino acids
  • Good source of fiber
  • Organic products available
  • Many juices and other products available in major grocers
  • Like other exotic products, Acai can be pricey
  • Many imposters

Each Acai product will vary in its ingredients. Be sure to look for Acai products that are all-natural, and do not include a long list of other ingredients. Acai in its purest form is most effective.

Acai comes in many forms, including the whole berry, juices, powders, capsules and pills, food items and more.


Like any weight loss product, you should commit to a consistent exercise regimen. Be sure to look for Acai products that support a balanced and active lifestyle.


Exotic health foods, like the Acai berry, can provide untapped health benefits, if you can afford it. For whatever reason, these organic products are often on the steep side. But what else is more important than your health? If you can find room in your budget, a product like Acai is worth exploring.

Common MisspellingsCommon Misspellings

Asai, Akai, Ackai, Acia, Acai Berry, Acaiberry, Acai Deit

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It works and as as the money thing goes NEVER EVER give you personal bank account out to anyone...Get a pay as you go credit card..That way you dont have to get ''Ripped Off'' And dont take any EXTRA stuff they may ask if you want that is ''suppose'' to be free!! GooD Luck To U All:)

posted Feb 23rd, 2011 8:47 pm




posted Feb 15th, 2011 4:42 pm


does not work!

posted Jan 30th, 2011 1:09 am



I just ordered my free trial. I noticed $200 missing from my bank account and called customer service. They said that the charge was for some kind of membership that comes with the free trial. They said it is all explained in the terms and conditions. After arguing with them they refunded my money completely, even the shipping cost and cancelled my membership. I still got the acai supement and the colon cleanse delivered and have done a lot of research. I am excited to try it!!

posted Jan 22nd, 2011 5:16 pm



It's a ripoff! Didn't even realize it until I went to check in my account and found out I was missing $75!! They lied!!!!!!!! but got scammed on this one!!!

posted Jan 21st, 2011 10:31 am


i aaallllmmmmooosssttt fell for the same scam. i got a twin pack at walmart for 13 bucks!!! so even if it doesnt work no big deal its 13 bucks better then 200+. But LISTEN !!!!!!!! i got the acai berry dietary supplement and i got the jillian michaels 7 day cleanse. ive only been doing it for 2 days but i feel better. my energy level is up and my cravings have gone down!! im sticking to a good diet plan that i got from www.engine2diet.com its 100000% freee!! it even gives you a grocery list!! it really doesnt get better then that! REMEMBER there are no 2 sets of finger prints the same so not every diet is going to work for everyone. you need to find your spot. hope i could help someone out there that is really determined and ready to push themselves.

posted Dec 24th, 2010 1:00 am



this product helped me lose 4lbs in a week.

posted Nov 10th, 2010 2:03 pm

Jennifer Nicholson

While many acai berry scams exist, there are also some reputable companies out there still. Recently Amafruits announced their line of acai berry purees (which is actually the only natural way to preserve all of the flavor and nutritional content of the Acai. This company is very legit and has a specific goal- to eventually bring other fruits from the Amazon to American consumers. Check them out at www.amafruits.com

posted Nov 4th, 2010 3:36 pm



i really want help

posted Nov 2nd, 2010 10:59 pm



Please Help!! Does anyone have an address to mail back this rip-off product! I need to mail it back in attempt to get back my 110.00 through my bank claim. This should be illegal!!!!! We should all file a law suit against these thieves!

posted Nov 1st, 2010 6:47 pm

Smarty pants

Like most of you, got sucked into this FALSE ADVERTISING, with this wacko of a company... You're all RIGHT, they offer rebates in the form of a spending gift card, which you ended up paying for. THERE IS A TRICK: CALL YOUR BANK, REPORT IT AS FRAUD, AND CANCEL YOUR BANK CARD ASAP...TELL THEM YOU"VE NEVER ORDERED THAT STUFF, AND YOU'RE SUSPECTING ID THEFT. OUR BANK REIMBURSE THE WHOLE $ 400.00 THAt WAS TAKEN FROM THIS COMPANY....and THEY"VE BEEN REPORTED!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. IN THE MEANTIME, the product has arrived....miraculously, and am trying it not for $1.95, not for $4.95, but for $ 0.00 !!!!

posted Oct 29th, 2010 12:25 am


I have been using an Acai product now for almost 4 months it is called Alimor + Acai, (you can buy it on Amazon) It is in my opinion a miracle drug. I have lost about 20 lbs so far went from a size 10 to a 6 and have not none any exercise. Now that is the total over the 4 month time span not 20 lbs a month like some of the ads mislead you to believe. I have hit a plateau so I am going to try hitting the gym to see if I can get the final 10 lbs off.

posted Oct 19th, 2010 6:27 pm

Anne Hay


I am still awaiting my order which was paid for by Mastercard, this has appeared on my Statement but I still have not received the product.

posted Oct 17th, 2010 10:27 pm


There are tons of comments on here that have nothing to do with the product, but with the price. I bought some for under 10 bucks at Wal Mart and I haven't seen results just yet (I just started using it a few days ago) but the price seemed pretty good. 60 pills for 10 bucks. I also take a daily complete vitamin, eat pretty well and have a simple routine to walk and lift some weights every other day.

Let's see some actual reviews on the product. Has it worked for you or not? Have you had any unexplained side effects? Is it helping your weight loss goal?
Please provide answers for those of us who are interested in the product itself. Thanks! :)

posted Oct 8th, 2010 12:19 pm



I started using the Dr Max Powers Burn (which has Acai Berry) a couple of months ago, and so far I have liked the results that I have seen. I take the pill in conjuction with thier 15 Day Cleanse, and I have seen weight loss through the past few months.

I will say though, that this pill is not a quick fix all by itself. First of all, it does take time to see results, so do not expect anything within the first few days. In addition, this pill HELPS in the aide of weight loss, but you sitll must choose a healthy eating plan, as well as a workout plan.

By taking the Dr Max Powers Burn I have felt more energized, which has boosted me to go to the gym everyday. I do not get nearly as hungry as I used to at all times of the day - my major downfall was definitely the constant snacking I did all day, usually out of pure boredm. But this pill makes your body more regular and really curbs your appetite during those times when you should not be eating. It is definitely an effective pill, but only in conjuction with healthy eating and exercise.

posted Oct 4th, 2010 10:23 pm

Purple Gothic Girl


I bought mine in store from Holland and Barrett in UK more expensive then some but felt safer than buying online and not knowing what I would get ... these tablets have boosted my energy levels and aided in my overall healthy diet I have lost weight without any extreme dieting I am now eating healthily and feeling great benefits I would advise to anyone but don't buy online why have the risk of not even knowing what you are getting it does not make it a bad product because you may have got scammed.

posted Sep 25th, 2010 2:51 am


why spend so much when i got it for 10 bucks at walmart. but the real results are coming from the hard work im doing by walking daily and a regular workout plan at home and eating better. no major calorie counting no gym membership. just living better :)

posted Sep 23rd, 2010 10:20 pm

Nhi Lam

I bought my acai berry pill at walgreens for 15$ and its the most amazing better than paying a bag load of money online.

posted Sep 23rd, 2010 4:52 pm

Jennifer Holmes


Oh my God!! It's a ripoff! Didn't even realize it until I went to check in my account and found out I was missing $200!! They lied!! I will NEVER do any trials of anything again! Oh yes....called twice too and was told to just fill out the rebate form and that's all they'd say. I am so pissed!!! I am usually sooooo careful ... but got scammed on this one!!!


posted Sep 17th, 2010 4:53 pm



can someone give me a customer service number soa s i can cancel this crap i cant find anything and im worried i will get billed

posted Sep 7th, 2010 11:38 pm


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