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Diet supplement makes claims, but is vague about product details.

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Phenterthin is an appetite suppressant and fat burner available without a prescription. The product claims to be the best selling appetite suppressant for females in America. This once-daily pill claims to decrease appetite, burn fat and boost your metabolism up to 75 percent.

Phenterthin does not provide any ingredient information. It claims to be all-natural, but there is nothing posted to support or counter this.

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  • Suggests that clinical trials have been conducted
  • Offers a free trial, although there is an auto-bill program
  • Claims to offer results safely
  • No ingredient information
  • No detailed explanation of product claims
  • No FDA approval
  • Website is saturated in typographical errors
  • Does not describe side effects

No food or recipe advice is given.


Phenterthin does not make any exercise recommendations or direction.


Phenterthin leaves too many unanswered questions and appears to be purposely vague about product details and effects. Compared with other diet pills, the product is expensive. There also isn't any support or recommendation for healthy diet or exercise.

Common MisspellingsCommon Misspellings

Phenerthin, Phenerthin Diet, Fenterthin, Phentrazine, Phentraslim, Phenterslim

How Does Phenterthin Compare?
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  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Phenterthin
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1. File a police Report 2. Check your credit to see if they opened a credit card for you 3. File a complaint with the FTC www.ftc.com 4. Their address is 6409 S. Western Ave Oklahoma City OK 73139 phone is 405-601-2740

posted Mar 29th, 2008 8:08 pm


These crooks operate under many aliases. They are mainly based in Oklahoma City, Ok. Write to the Oklahoma State Attorney General, 313 NE 21st. St.,Oklahoma City, Ok.,73105. Ask everyone you know to do the same. Also there is an online form you can file at www.ftc.gov, which is the Federal Trade Commission.

posted Feb 25th, 2008 11:06 am


I have purchased the "free trial" BEFORE reading all of this and now I am considering returning the entire unopened bottle. I hope that I do not get scammed.

Kim B.

Yes i got scammed too.I got the free trial as they say "free".NOT..They charged my debit card without my permission 149.95 and i was shocked. I contacted them 10 times with those tickets and all u get is all this mumbo jumbo about auto billing and that I agreed to the terms.NOT..When i ordered the so called free trial i did not see anything about auto billing anywhere. And now of course can't take because they mess with my blood pressure and didn't help me in any way.Well,except for making me feel like crap.I want to report them to the proper people but of course who can help me? I am cancelling the payment and I forbidded them from billing my account again. I don't think this action can and will affect anyones credit.


I just got the pills also and I have not been charged, YET, but my question is after they charge you this $150 do they continue to charge you? I am just curious before I go into over draft. Thank you


Phenterthin is a major scam. If you buy it, the card you used to pay shipping for the so-called free trial will be billed $149 20 days later. It is impossible to cancel the order because no one answers at the phone # on the bottle and their website tickets are never answered. If you block the charge or cancel your credit card, they will turn you in for collection. It is a total fraud.

c. linn

I am returning this product as it is prohibited by my Dr. because of a recently diagnosed heart irregularity. Do not charge anything further on my card.


big waste of money should have researched the company first. just got the pills on dec 10 they already charged my cc 150.00. placed two tickets haven't heard a thing. dumb valueable lesson


This is a waste of money. I know atleast five people who have bought this product. All it did was make them hyper and jittery. There is a phen forum pushing this product meanwhile the manager of the site never took the stuff and neither did most of the cows on there that claim to be thinner than they actually are. Alot of people think that taking this will be comparable to taking prescription phentermine or phendimetrazine...this is ridiculous. No way does this stuff even compare to prescription medicines. You are probably better off taking the prescription because then atleast you'll be under a doctor's care and not taking advice from a bunch of yahoos.


I also did the trial and they sent me more . I alos tryed to cancel they haven't anwsered.isn't there somebody we can turn them in to?

Been in your shoes...

Yes this a very valueable lesson. I'm sorry to hear that people have been dooped into paying their hard earned money for this. I haven't tried this product but i thought about it for a minute. Currently i'm taking Alli(Xenical) and with just 15 minutes cardio and 3 pills a day after meals i've lost 17lbs. Also you can find this product at Walmart on the self....Great product and i do recommend. I just wanted to honestly help you guys out without getting a dime in return. Happy dieting and please be careful of fraud....


I right there along with everyone else. Did the trial thing and got billed $149.95 without my permission and the whole thing is one big scame I didnt take any of the pills as I tried to return them to the company but couldnt get a live person to talk to as there is no one to turn them into. I also learned a very valueable lesson indeed.


I do not know about everyone else but I did not get scammed. I got the trail and the other two bottles and it was only 5 dollars...and I have lost 25 lbs. on it. I have not got any other pills or charges to my account. I don't know, but I must be lucky. I also never got jittery or anything. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. I hope everyone found something that works for them! But, after hearing this I am NOT going to refer it to anyone!


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