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  • thumbMediterranean Diet

    Lose weight by eating food rich in flavor.

  • thumbMayo Clinic Diet

    A promising plan from the prestigious institution

  • Ornish Diet

    The celebrated cardiologist wants you to go for veggies, and get exercise every day.

  • thumbVegan Diet

    A lifestyle that embraces the organic.

  • thumbThe Spectrum Diet

    A lifestyle-based weight loss plan created by Dr. Dean Ornish.

  • thumbLow-Fat Diet

    It's the original philosophy of weight loss. Does it still hold water?

  • thumbLow-Sodium Diet

    It's common sense that you need to limit sodium intake, but most of us don't heed the warning.

  • thumbF-Factor Diet

    This weight loss program focuses on eating well, not eliminating food.

  • thumbNutriSystem Advanced

    A new heart healthy approach from this long-trusted weight loss program.

  • thumbMediterranean Meals

    The health benefits of a Mediterranean diet delivered to your home.