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Do I have to drink coffee and can I have more than 2 slices of bacon on the Grapefruit Diet?

Victoria asked this question Oct 23rd, 2012 3:09 pm

Do I have to drink the coffee to be successful? I started yesterday and I'm super excited. Im 247 and im tryin to get out of the 2's. My goal is 165/170. This the heaviest i've been in my whole life. I workout almost everyday. So im hopin im as lucky as some of u.

This question is about The Grapefruit Diet

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When I started this diet back in 2008 I was determined for results. I found that it wasn't as hard as I had initially thought, because I love MEAT! Apparently the bacon and eggs in the morning react with the greens and meat for Lunch along with the GRAPEFRUIT you consume during these meals. It in-fact does burn fat, because Grapefruit has a natural ingredient to speed up the metabolism. Because the eggs and bacon act as an agent for the reactors in Grapefruit to speed up the metabolism. There is absolutely NO SNACKING in between meals. To keep your body from slowing down and crashing; it is recommended you EAT UNTIL FULL! (NEVER OVEREAT it’s a bad habit, and hard one to quite.) During this time your body is using those ingredients of high-fat to its advantage in energy; thus sticking to your gut is not an option.

- Tea and Coffee are just perks and are not required to be consumed. Its actually recommended you don’t consume theses beverages, but if you must You Can!
- Absolutely NO cheese, croutons, or any white vegetable(potatoes, cauliflower,etc...) for he duationof the diet.

…if I can help just one person reach their goal, I’ve done my work today J This is from my own experience. I am not a professional but I LOST 30lbs doing this! Remember everything in moderation. Grapefruit truly has been the magical fruit in this one!

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posted on Apr 24th, 2013 9:09 pm