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Does anyone experience energy drain onthe Eat to Live Diet?

Jamie asked this question Apr 18th, 2016 3:52 pm

My 85 year old Mom and I have been on Dr. Fuhrman's diet for 6 1/2 months. She has lost 34 # and I have lost 15#. Mom still needs to lose about 15 # and I would like to lose 5 - 8 more. I have been at a standstill for a couple of months and, in fact, have gained 2 pounds back. My mom has had amazing health results! She broke an ankle about 20 years ago and it has swollen and caused her pain since. She had arthritis, incontinence and GERD. All have resolved since and it happened in the first 2 weeks of her diet! She still has some arthritis, but much improved.
I have recently, within the last month, experienced a drain in energy. I am taking B12, Algae Omegas, D3 and, as of last week, Zinc. I have been a vegan for about 10 years, so the lifestyle hasn't been too difficult. I do cave to popcorn with Earth Balance and the occasional vegan peanut butter cup.
So, my question is - Has anyone else experienced this energy drain and did you find a reason?

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