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Does it stay off without any OMNI products?

Halie asked this question Feb 25th, 2016 3:29 pm

I am currently doing OMNI. So far it has been great, but did some digging yesterday (which I admit I should have done more before hand) and started to question if I should continue or not. Does the weight really stay off after you finish if you continue to eat decent? I haven't been doing exactly 500 calories a day, I usually do a bit more and still lose some. I just don't want to do all this work come off of it and it all come back plus more even if I do continue to monitor my calories on MFP. I also don't want to always have to have an "omni" product in my body. I want to do my rounds and be done with it.

This question is about Omnitrition Drops

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Kim Thomas

Omni teaches you how to eat, so as long as you dont go back to your bad eating habits you should be able to maintain your weight. Taking the vitamins is always good to help you, and there is nothing wrong with taking vitamins long term.

posted on Mar 11th, 2016 5:45 pm


the maintenance phase is meant to reset your metabolism high to prevent that. After your totallz done with a round you are in life and in life we tell you to follow an 80/20- 80% of the time watch (not diet) what your eating and 20% of the time go ahead an indulge. You have to remember... if you eat they way you'll look the way you did. The program helps show you how to eat a healthy lifestyle and we hope that you all take that info and keep it with you :)

posted on Mar 14th, 2016 6:08 am