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Does my diet plan sound reasonable ?

Cat asked this question Jun 25th, 2012 10:25 am

So far day one - just spent a blinking hour drinking one for breakfast, as it made me feel full - it didn't taste awful either. (I'm usually hungry within 2 hours of eating breakfast)

I've been meaning to diet for some time, as I put on weight since last summer for various reasons - making me the heaviest I have ever been, but my eating habits were better and I wasn't drinking as much, etc, and I've never tried to lose weight before - I've always been active, now probably not so.

I am eating more fruit and calorie controlling through my fitness pal app, and instead of limiting myself to the calories on slimfast, will eat right, and to the calories on my fitness pal that are designed to make me reach my goal over a matter of time .. having a slim fast for breakfast, and for lunch if I'm at home, but a reasonable pack lunch if I am out. I do not count any exercise on my fitness pal app, against my calorie count, as I feel I would be naturally doing this exercise with my previous lifestyle.

I'm 23, 5'5", and just over 12 stone, I wish to be 10 and a half ideally, but 11 / 11.5 would be GREAT for now - all my friends say I look like a 12/14, but I've just pushed over a 16, yet I'm still parachute pants in 18's. All I'm trying to do is get back to my once fairly athletic figure, fit in my old clothes and not drown my small waist !!

Does this sound a sensible, and diet effective way to do things ?

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