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How are blood sugars affected by the hCG diet?

Diane asked this question Nov 15th, 2011 3:18 am

How are blood sugars affecting during Phs I of the HCG diet when I am not allowed to eat breakfast? I am a type II diabetic on metformin/glyburide and about to start Phase I of the HCG diet this week. I have a concern about not eating anything for breakfast other than coffee. How does this affect a diabetic not to eat breakfast and to be taking their meds on an empty stomach for the duration of Phase I?

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I'm doing the VLCD portion of the diet now and you can actually split up your food into 4 mini meals instead of 2 big ones. Lots of people do this and it does not alter the success rate. You can choose to eat those meals whenever you want. The meal timing in P&I is just a guideline, but the rest of the rules you must follow to a "T". The Yahoo group HCGDieters is an excellent resource for info. Plenty of diabetics have done the program and are off their meds now (after completion). I'm on day 10 of the VLCD and have lost 9 lbs.

posted on Nov 17th, 2011 1:43 pm