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How many calories in Chef Rocco's Brownies: 53 calories or 157 calories?

LateenaQT asked this question Mar 29th, 2011 9:02 pm

So, I just made the brownies, and they aren't THAT question is this: I tried to configure all the nutritional information for these brownies, and the site i used ( gave me a COMPLETELY different analysis of the same ingredients. I don't understand why? It says that with this recipe that yields 12 brownies, each one has a value of 158 calories. What am I doing wrong? I needed to find out what the "points-plus" value was, and with the information i entered, it comes out to 3 plus-points. I thought it was only 53 calories??? I expected something totally different. Please let me know why the big discrepency...Thanx! P.S. - I <3 Rocco's pizza recipe! :0)

This question is about Rocco's Brownies

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