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I do not like most veggies what fruit can make up for that lack?

Polar 2[Eya-Andrea] asked this question Feb 22nd, 2012 2:55 am

I am a total vegan. I know all food has different nutrients! I do not like rice, beans, green veggies no pepers[red,yellow,green,]no garlic, no onions, etc... so I know I must lack some nutrients that these have in them! So I am woundering can the different kinds of fruit have them, and if so what ones? I do now put spinach leaves in my fruit smoothies, because I can not taste them! my eye are not as good as they use to be, but the eye doctor said they have not change, but they have, and for months now I have been hearing a hissing sound in my ears[like those old steam radiators when I was a child], and I was wondering if I am missing something! that I could get from the different fruit world.

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