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need help and info on drops and other supplements HELP??

Jen Trudel asked this question Feb 21st, 2016 11:35 pm

Hello I Have a Thyroid condition and wondering if the drops have helped anyone with under active thyroid or if safe to take drops on synthroid?? I also have alot of gastritus and ulcers. What omnitrition products would yu recommend to someone wanting LOTS of energy with medical conditions and A FAT SKINNY All Flab Needing muscle and energy and losing More inches than weight?? I don't want to gain weight either... I just am always to tired and sick to exercise anymore Have NO MOTIVATION or Energy anymore I Want my LIFE BACK!! I HATE MYSELF And Seeing what i Have become. Thanks

This question is about Omnitrition Drops

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julie kauzlarich

I take the levothroxin for Hypo as well as stomach (Nexium) everyday. No problem. This is my second round and I just became a distributer today because I believe this is the only thing for me that has ever worked. I understand completely. Here's my take on it. I needed to get everything in check. This program states less muscle is lost by far than regular diet. Once I came off I found I didn't have the desire to eat junk foods. But we must follow the phase 3 and phase 4... I learned this and a few more tricks. you will be so grateful and relieved. I can talk with you if you want or you can friend me at Julie kauzlarich (im in Florida) on Facebook. give it a try.

posted on Mar 8th, 2016 5:18 pm


As distributors we cannot claim anything will or won't help. I advise you to talk to your doctor first and explain the program and products to him. I can send you information on ingredients and I can explain the program to you. If you contact me I can possibly get in contact with others who have your conditions to see if they are willing to share their stories and success also. :

posted on Mar 14th, 2016 6:17 am

Kadee Lilly-White

You need to get connected with a distributor, they will offer you 24/7 support! Medical questions should only be answered by your doctor. We do have great testimonies! If you do not have a distributor your working with feel free to contact me!
[email protected]

posted on Apr 16th, 2016 11:12 pm