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What about other qualities that are very strong for Jazzercise and seem to be lacking in Zumba? I have 5 below

Michelle asked this question May 13th, 2012 6:10 am

I think that the reviews you offered were fair (with the exception of calling Jazzercise 80's... I don't get that vibe at all) and informative. I was curious, though about a few qualities that you did not mention, ones that cause me to favor Jazzercise. Here are 5 that make my decision easy.
1. variety in movement (hands down jazzercise)
2. variety in music (I've heard latin and african with zumba, those are present at Jazzercise too along with Hip hop, techno, funk, ballads, country, etc.)
3. total body workout and toning (Jazzercise instructors are required to do specific upper torso, ab and leg routines, and stretches.)
4. safety: it alarms me to have a follow the leader approach, so many women do things that cause injury in the name of trying or fun, and don't know it. Jazzercise instructors use mics, face the students and cue safety and form based on what they are seeing without finger pointing, and can cue movement ahead to prevent tripping and frustration.
5. Last, Zumba instructors are certified and then can teach as they see fit. Jazzercise instructors are certified after training, try-outs, tests, and a multi-day workshop... then for their whole career have to follow strict guidelines, set choreography from professionals, and are monitored yearly by a Jazzercise representative (and it is a surprise showing). They are held to very high standards in form, flow, cuing, musicality, how personable, safety cues, muscle knowledge, etc. and risk losing their franchise/instructor status if they don't pass. Accountablility is high.
Some important points! I've done a variety of aerobics, personal training in gyms, Jazzercise and Zumba as recently as last week. I don't see Jazzercise as 80's at all... the modern music and new moves incorporated constantly make it the most modern form of exercise I've seen.

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