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Where can I get safe hCG in New Zealand?

jhymers asked this question Feb 15th, 2012 4:22 am

I'm in New Zealand and haven't really found much info on what I should be looking for when looking to purchase. ie: the actual specifics of what is in a non prescription form of the drops.

I workout sensibly and eat properly however weight loss has been very slow and I am worried about excess skin.

In January 2011 I began my weight loss of exercise and eating healthy, I have an L-Carnitine tablet which has some chromium in it to kill sugar cravings post exercise. Since January 2011 (when I was 141kgs = 310 pounds) I have lost 40kgs and am now 101kgs (222 pounds) great accomplishment however I would love some extra help to get rid of the hard to get of flab.

So any info as asked at the start of my long winded post would be appreciated, if you have websites which are reputable from anywhere in the world that can offer me the info i seek that would be great as would be email addresses of reputable people who are well versed in the contents i should be seeking within the product. please dont give me any non legit email addresses like gmail, hotmail, yahoo or anything like that.anyone reputable will have a legit business email.

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