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Best Bread Brands

2012 Food Awards

Bread. It’s something almost all Americans eat almost every day. Some may not realize exactly how much they’re getting. You might have a slice or two of toast for breakfast, a sandwich at lunch (with another two pieces of course), and maybe even a side of it to go with your pasta dinner. If you're one of these individuals who can’t get enough of this staple food, you might as well eat the best you can get if you eat it so often.

Nutrition Criteria

50 g serving: Less than or equal to 120 calories, zero trans fat, < 3g of fat, < 1g saturated fat (or 15% of total calories), > 3g fiber, < 200mg of sodium, zero sugar, at least 10% of the daily value one or more Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, and Calcium, and 100% whole grain.


  1. Sara Lee 45 calorie bread: This did not win because the sodium levels were higher than our recommended criteria and it contained 2.2g sugar.

  2. Wonder Bread: This didn’t make the cut because it also had a higher sodium level along with the highest number of calories per 50g with 132 calories.

  3. Nature’s Own: Another brand that didn’t win due to its high sodium levels per 50g.

  4. Oroweat Dutch Country: This had the same issues as Wonder Bread with high sodium and high calories of 131 per 50g.

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