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Best Frozen Meal Brands

2012 Food Awards

Frozen meals can be a big time saver at lunch or dinner, but they can also be extremely unhealthy despite how they're marketed. In today's world, convenience often trumps healthfulness, but we went on a search to ensure you could have both. It was no easy task to find a frozen meal with only a small amount of fat, sugar, and sodium, but we found a pretty tasty winner.

Nutritional Criteria

300-450 calories, 0 trans fat, < 3.5g of fat, 5g fiber, < 600mg sodium, < 2g sugar, and provide at least 10% daily value for at least three: vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, or calcium.


  1. WeightWatchers Smart Ones: The Chicken Quesadillas met our nutritional guidelines in every way except that they did not have enough vitamins and they had almost twice the recommended about of fat at 6 grams. While they taste good, don't eat too much - there are two quesadillas in the package but a serving is just one.

  2. Healthy Choice: The Sundried Tomato and Chicken Alfredo offers an entree made with whole grains and a whole cup of cooked vegetables on the side, but it lost out with 7 grams of fat and for having way too many unsavory ingredients.

  3. Healthy Choice Baked: This baked lasagna meal is pretty healthy, has a "fresh baked taste," and is made without preservatives. Although a bit soupy, it actually tasted homemade, especially because of the low sodium. It didn't make the final cut as winner because it's too high on sugar and went over on fats.

  4. Healthy Choice: Another meal from this brand, Chicken Romano Fresca did OK in every category especially for taste, and not having too many ingredients. Calorie-wise it shined with only 230 calories and it also doesn't have any sugar, but it falls short at fiber with only a single unfilling gram.

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