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Replace Fat with Flavor

Healthy Baking Swaps

When the season changes to fall, most people can't wait to get their hands on something pumpkin flavored at the coffee shop, but I can't wait to start eating my favorite comfort foods. Macaroni and cheese, chili, and even brownies and cookies are the aromas that will fill my home for the next six months. We live a delicious life! However, we took a hiatus from our favorites for a few years because I wasn't willing to eat all the calories and fat associated with those. Once I figured out how to make simple substitutions that don't affect flavor, but totally change the nutritional quality, our fall favorites returned to the menu.

I'm not the only one who relies on making swaps in my baking, many experts in the culinary field do too. We spoke to a few friends of DIR and asked for their best baking swap tips so that you can enjoy your fall favorites while maintaining your healthy habits.

"Cooking is an art, but baking is a science," Stepfanie Romine told us, co-author of The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight and editor of SparkRecipes.com. "It requires careful formulas, precise measurement and a keen eye. Omitting high-fat ingredients or arbitrarily swapping them can yield flat, dull and downright inedible results. In baked goods, most of the calories come from three ingredients: butter or oil, eggs and sugar. This tasty trio is also where much of the flavor derives, and more importantly, these ingredients keep your muffins moist and your cookies from crumbling."

So in the following slides you'll learn how to replace fat and calories the right way so that your muffins, cookies, breads, and the like are as tasty as ever.

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Carmen Poirier

I really like all the swap? (I am french from Montreal) so I get it, but don t always remember the right word. Very very interesting, I am goin to go on. Thank you - I guess special offers are for US residents - If it is for canadians also I would like it.

posted Jul 20th, 2012 8:26 pm


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