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Workout Designed by Jessica Smith

HIIT At-Home Workout

This high intensity interval training workout, created by certified fitness expert Jessica Smith, coach of the "High Intensity Interval Training: Cardio Workout Music Mix", is designed to help you cycle through periods of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning to help you improve your fitness level, shorten your workout time, and burn up tons of calories in the process!

Here’s how it works: after an easy five minute warm up (you can walk, march or jog in place or practice some of your favorite fitness moves), you’ll perform the interval sets included in the following slides. Each set includes a short, 60-second period of high intensity (all out effort) followed by a two minute active recovery, done at moderate intensity (allowing your body time to recover, and time for you to catch your breath). Depending on how long you want to workout for (and how much energy you have to spend) you can choose to do the three sets once, twice or three times through in total.

Note: this workout can be intense, no matter what your fitness level is. So if you find yourself pushing to the point of feeling dizzy or nauseous, back off or take a break. Be sure to listen to your body during the workout. Beginners may want to do a shorter workout at first and gradually progress in length and/or add an extra minute – or two- during your recovery phase). And of course, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program.

Learn more about HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training.

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