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The Sugar Content of Food

How Much Sugar is in Your Food

Do you know how much sugar is lurking in you food? It may surprise you. On average, Americans consume more than three times the recommended about of sugar daily, according to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. That's 22 teaspoons of unnecessary added sugar. But American's aren't spooning that sugar into foods and drinks themselves, but rather, consuming it in process foods and beverages that have been made super-sweet by manufacturers.

To help you visualize just what this means, SugarStacks.com illustrates how much sugar is in food by stacking up sugar cubes. One sugar cube is equal to a teaspoon. You can see in an instant that Haagen-Dazs sorbet has way more calories than a serving of raspberries.

Images via SugarStacks.com. Other nutritional information via Self Nutrition Data.

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