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Diets are Fleeting

Why Your Diet is Doomed

By Jason Knapfel

Even if a diet works in the short-term, the very nature of a diet is temporary and eventually most of us return to our pre-diet weight and lifestyle. Then we eventually decide to try a diet again. Such is the vicious cycle of the dieting industry.

"Asking anyone to be hungry for the rest of their life is absurd," says Jonathan Bailor, author of the Smarter Science of Slim. "Eating more—but smarter—is proven to enable us to avoid both hunger and overeating while flooding our [bodies] with nutrition and healing our hormones."

Bailor's approach to optimal health is actually quite simple: slowly eat non-starchy vegetables, nutrient dense proteins, whole food fats, and low-fructose fruits (in that order). Stay hydrated, rested, and enjoy short bursts of safe and intense exercise.

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