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Know What You're Eating

What McDonalds is Hiding in its Food

It's more important than ever to know what you're eating. Reading food labels, reviewing ingredient lists, and learning about nutritional information for the foods you eat is really your only line of defense between your health and the junk that food manufacturers add to our food because it's more convenient for them. These additives make food taste better, look better, smell better, last longer, and ultimately save the producers money.

Take a simple scrambled egg breakfast, for instance. Ingredients at home? Eggs. Maybe a little salt, pepper, or cheese on top. Ingredients at McDonald's? Well, it's a laundry list of mostly things you couldn't pronounce, haven't ever heard of, and certainly couldn't buy at the grocery store. Gross.

We spoke with FoodFacts.com to learn more about the worst foods at McDonald's, to show an example of how simple foods become very complicated, and very unhealthy.

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