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About Me:

I am a goal oreinted woman and love life

The goals I'm working toward:

  • learning how to run 2 miles
  • getting my weight undercontroll
  • getting to my goal weight
  • nutrition

I haven't felt comfortable with my weight since:

since i hit my late 20's.

My favorite healthy food:

broccoli and califlower salmon whole grain bread yogurt salsa

My guiltiest pleasure:

popcorn and chocolate and d.q blizzards

I'm inspired to live a healthy life because:

i need to be here for my kids my man and my family

Healthy habits that work for me:

  • drinking lots of water
  • no soda
  • excersise hours and hours to relieve stress

My favorite activity at the gym is:


The accomplishments I'm most proud of:

  • I have lost 80 pounds so far