11 Celebrities Who CrossFit to Stay in Shape

Well folks, it’s becoming official. It seems as if strong is finally the new skinny in Hollywood. CrossFit training has continued its success and becomes more popular every day with more than 7,000 CrossFit niche, or affiliate, gyms popping up around the U.S. and 30 in New York City alone.

The CrossFit workouts usually only last between 20-35 minutes, which may seem short, but the high levels of intensity will make it seem like a lifetime. Try flipping 200 pound tractor tires for 20 minutes straight and see if you feel like doing anything afterward.

It seems with CrossFit there’s been a bit of a role reversal – where everyone else found CrossFit first and the Hollywood set dove in, too. It’s usually us chasing their methods! One of the biggest star faces the sport has is Bob Harper. The Biggest Loser trainer even built his own CrossFit gym on the ranch for his contestants this season.

“I’m drawn to CrossFit because it is so well rounded and constantly different. I have found that CF has made me more fit than I have ever been,” Bob told us. “I believe in this style of working out so much that I incorporated it onto my show and have seen tremendous results. [It’s] definitely the way to go for me.”

Here’s a list of other stars who’ve been spotted getting in their quick and dirty WODs, too.

Miss America 2021 – Mallory Hagan: Rather than starving herself before stepping on stage in that itt-bitty bikini earlier this month, Hagan incorporated CrossFit into her workout routine. The proof is in her abs. 

Jessica Biel: This favorable and fit actress hopes to be an inspiration for women in the fact that it’s OK to have some meat on your  bones rather than trying to be stick thin. 

Kelly Clarkson: The singer talks greatly of the energy high she gets from this “bootcamp” style workout. 

Brad Pitt: With six kids and a woman like Angelina to go home to, a quick workout is a must for this movie star. 

Vanessa Hudgens: She used the intensity of the sport to prepare for her recent role in Sucker Punch

Cameron Diaz: This actress puts a high priority on her consistency to flip tires and do battle with a rope. So that’s where those guns came from…

Jason Statham: This British actor lost 35 pounds in 2021 by working out 35 minutes a day, six days a week.

Matt Damon: Thanks to double time on the CrossFit workout program, this hottie was more than prepared for his role in Invictus in 2021.

Madonna: This pop legend showed off her guns made from CrossFit at last year’s Super Bowl halftime show. The only catch? Her routine was so strenuous she pulled a hamstring.

Parker Young: This Suburgatory star loves the competitive side of the sport.

Biel photo via wetpaint.com

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