16 Guiltless Recipes to Feed a 49ers or Ravens Fan

Many NFL fans can hang up their flag and pack up their T-shirts now, but the San Francisco 49er and Baltimore Raven fans still have work to do. There’s a big game to be played on February 3rd, also known as the second biggest eating day of the year!

That’s right, Americans consume more food in a 24 hour period on Super Sunday than they do any other day of the year, except the gorge-fest that is Thanksgiving of course. AdWeek suggests that tallies up to 27 billion calories for the lot! Whoa. Hold the football.

We’re all for indulgent days when they’re done a little more mindfully. That means, eat your pizza, your wings, your beer – just don’t take the worst possible option for each. Check-out our 16 healthier recipe ideas that suit the hungry palates of each team’s biggest fans – from sourdough in San Francisco to crab cakes in Baltimore.

San Francisco 49er Recipes

Cabernet Basil Pizza Sauce. No game day is complete without a slice of pizza, and we say go for it with out homemade version. Embrace San Francisco’s ties to wine country with this sweet homemade pizza sauce that uses a hearty cab and fresh basil for a base. We like naan for a crust, or make this easy Quinoa Flaxseed Pizza Dough.

Whole Grain Sourdough Bread. Pile those sandwiches high with turkey and California avocados with this fresh baked, whole grain sourdough recipe from SimpleBites.net. Shannon says the sourdough makes a healthier bread because the long rising time breaks down the gluten into easily digested amino acids.

Sticky Asian Chicken Wings. These soy-glazed chicken wings from Tiny Test Kitchen will not only let everyone snack guilt-free, but will also pay homage to the Chinese immigrants who helped build this unique California city.

Homemade Fortune Cookies. This sweet treat was originally created in San Fran, too, and pairs well to finish a bowl of Chop Suey. Just A Taste has a simple recipe and shows you how to place your own fortunes. Consider “Big Win for Your Team Today!”

Green Goddess Dressing. This famous dressing is a true San Francisco treat and one that is sure to lighten the load on your game day buffet. Use this dressing born in San Francisco as a veggie dip or as a dressing for sandwiches on that fresh sourdough!

Baltimore Ravens’ Recipes

Maryland-ish Crab Cakes. Fewer foods are more synonymous with a city than crab cakes and Baltimore. Your Ravens’ party will hardly be complete without a batch of these cakes from Roni at GreenLiteBites. Baked instead of fried, she turns whole lump crab into a touchdown-worthy appetizer.

Horseradish, Bacon, and Onion Dip. If you’re preparing that famous Baltimore pit beef, traditionally served with horseradish sauce, then we suggest our version. The sharp flavor will pair well with the smokey meat and trims calories by using reduced-fat sour cream and mayo with turkey bacon.

Shrimp Boil. Nothing satisfies a crowd like a shrimp boil, especially when seasoned with Baltimore’s own Old Bay Seasoning. Toss in red potatoes, mini corn cobs, and all the shrimp you can handle for a fun and light way to snack your way through the game.

Lady Baltimore Cake. It’s the most fitting dessert for such an occasion, but it’s not usually the fittest cake. SparkPeople was able to trim it down to 146 calories per slice, which is a win in our cake-loving book.

Turkey Burger Sliders with Blueberry Reduction. That proud purple color for the Ravens shines through when you reduce fresh blueberries as a glaze for turkey burgers stuffed with feta cheese and peppers. It’s a surprising sweet and savory combination.

Recipes for Referees

Try more game-day recipes that satisfy the neutral crowd, and the ones just tuning in for the commercials, with these selections:

Lighter Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sausage Pizza Stuffed Peppers

BBQ Pork Sliders

Chunky Guacamole with Serrano Peppers

Chorizo Nachos

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