3 Reasons Weight Watchers Worked For Me

Roni of RonisWeigh.com

Roni from RonisWeigh is our guest blogger for January. You’ll recall she recently took runner-up for Best Diet Blog and her site GreenLiteBites won Best Healthy Recipe site category in our first Diet Site Awards. On her sites she shares her experiences with weight loss and maintaing a healthy life with her family.

I’ve tried everything from Atkins to the Zone to lose weight. In between there was the grapefruit diet, the Negative Calorie plan, Xenadrine, Phentermine, low-carb, no carb, no fat, fasting, you name it, I tried it. Nothing seemed to work. My weight fluctuated as much as 50 pounds throughout my 20s.

At age 29, after the birth of my son, I discovered Weight Watchers. I walked through the door desperate to get a hold on this weight issue thing and put the yo-yo dieting behind me forever.

To my surprise it worked!

Why did Weight Watchers succeed when everything else failed? For me, it was the combination of quite a few things, but these three stand out.

  1. I was ready to learn. No more of these quick fixes. Fifteen years of dieting finally taught me there was no such thing as overnight weight loss. When I attended a Weight Watchers meeting, I listened. I had a living, breathing human to ask questions of. I really looked at it like school. I was there to learn and soak up everything they were willing to teach me. You don’t get a college degree overnight.

    The Weight Watchers Meeting is where many women start their weight loss journey.

  2. I used a journal. Weight Watchers gives you these nifty little food trackers. I committed to keeping mine. It may not have been neatest thing in the world, but I threw perfect out the window and decided to commit to the journal. No matter what, I would write down what I ate and how I felt.
  3. I’m fairly competitive. I’ve never been an athlete but I like to “win”. Who doesn’t?  Going to those weekly meetings motivated me to “show off” in a way. I wanted to report how great my week went. It gave me the extra accountability I needed.

I’m three years at my goal weight and these three reasons still keep me going. I’m happy to put the diet mentality behind me and, honestly, I have Weight Watchers to thank for that.

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2 Responses to 3 Reasons Weight Watchers Worked For Me

  1. Cassandra says:

    I agree. WW is an awsome place! The staff in there are helpfull and will asnwer any question you may have.
    It has helped me lose 12 lbs so far!

  2. sandy smith says:

    I joined ww with some friends from the bank I work out. the only diet that has ever worked. I love my teacher Lucy she is great.
    so far I have lost 15 pound and I on my way to my goal of loss of 120

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