400-Pound Father of 10, Ben Shuh, Competes on Biggest Loser 13

By Dani M. Stone

Ben Shuh is the king of fast food, well, at least his father was. As executive vice president of Burger King, Ben’s father kept the family hopping, moving Ben and his four siblings from Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Texas. In high school, Ben was active in sports playing football and competing in wrestling tournaments. He was even a starting defensive tackle for a Texas 5A state qualifying football team, as well as a state-qualifying wrestler. After high school, less exercise and big life changes led to a staggering weight gain, which in turn led to his participation in Biggest Loser 13.

In 2002, Ben’s wife announced she wanted a divorce and left him with sole custody of their four children. Suddenly, any free time he had was needed to be Super Dad. For seven years, Ben juggled work and the kids’ activities, often leaving him tired and depressed. His priority was making sure his children had what they needed, meaning he came last, often to the detriment of his health.

Now happily married again, Ben found love and 10 more reasons to lose weight, get in shape and lead a healthier lifestyle – his growing family. Ben’s wife brought four children to join his brood, they had a child together, and now they have a baby on the way.

Recently, Ben and his family took a trip to the beach. Because he was self-conscious about his body he refused to remove his shirt and when it came time to take pictures, he quickly offered to be the photographer. The picture he took that day is one of his favorites. In the photo, his wife and nine children are looking out over the water, but there’s something important missing, him. At 396 pounds, Ben knows if he doesn’t do something soon, his additional weight will cause him to miss out on more special family moments.

Though it’s a struggle to find time to exercise and eat right with a demanding job, Ben is a retail store manager, and big family, he knows he has to finally make himself a priority. One of Ben’s ultimate weight loss goals is to run a 5K with his wife. This season, you’ll see him competing in the Biggest Loser with older brother, Buddy Shuh.

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