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Exclusive! Dolvett Prepares for Biggest Loser 13 Finale

I met up with Dolvett, and his smile, in his dressing room just a couple of hours before the star trainer takes to the Biggest Loser 13 finale stage. He was noshing on a beautiful spread of fresh berries, salmon, almonds, chicken, and hummus, and admitted feeling a little nervous about tonight. After all, two of the three finalists are his contestants. Ultimately, he wants the best person to win.

We reminisced about this season, and how it took him from ballet tights and Zumba clothes, to the White House and Hawaii, something he was able to mark off his bucket list.

In the coming weeks you’ll see Dolvett starring as the first male to lead SELF’s Workout in the Park, taking place in San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago.

He’s mum on any other projects he has in the works, noting they are plenty, and still didn’t share any more details when I remembered he’d previously mentioned a book and workout DVDs. Maybe the DVDs will progress in three weeks or so when he finally kicks the custom made Louis Vuitton boot protecting his broken foot.

VIDEO: Jeremy Britt Wins Biggest Loser Season 13

He wasn’t supposed to be standing on that finale stage. But Jeremy Britt knew all along he was. And not only was he one of three final competitors last night, but he won the whole thing and walked out more than 51 percent thinner and $250,000 richer.

We were live on the finale stage moments after confetti fell. Watch our interview with Biggest Loser 13’s winner now, with Courtney Crozier.



Buddy and Mark Walk Out on Biggest Loser Season 13

UPDATE: 4/18/12, 6:05pm: We just spoke with NBC publicity, who shared an update on last night’s episode. As of now, Mark and Buddy are planning to attend finale, although we’re told they will not be eligible for any prize money. There will also not be any legal ramifications for their decision to leave the show. “They chose to leave and the show wishes them well,” said Jill Carmen with NBC.

In the nine seasons we’ve watched Biggest Loser, we’ve never seen an episode like this. In the second to last episode before finale, the first 20 minutes were filled with packed luggage, executive producers, and lawyers. The contestants were walking out.

The episode opened with camera crews searching for the contestants, only to find empty rooms and no one with a mic on. Kim started to come out of her bathroom but quickly shut the door. Passing through the kitchen, Mark requested that he not be filmed. The five final contestants (Mark, Buddy, Kim, Conda, and Jeremy) had just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Washington, DC for makeovers and meetings with the first lady, but when they caught wind of a game-changing twist, they were out.

What kind of twist could create such a storm? All fourteen eliminated contestants would be returning to the ranch for a spot as a finalist. The current contestants didn’t think it was fair. The producers explained it’s all part of the game. “This is a matter of right and wrong. In my heart I feel like this is wrong,” Jeremy told Jeff Friedman, the show’s attorney.

It appeared to be a frantic scene on the set as faces from behind the cameras started revealing themselves. Todd Lubin, executive produer, met with the rogue five and explained that a member of legal would soon be out. Bob and Dolvett tried to intercept their seemingly rash decision, but Kim remarked, “This isn’t about you.” Dolvett replied, “Are you prepared to leave?” Mark’s intentions were clear, saying, “Yep. I’m good with that. I’m ready to go.” (more…)

Join Biggest Loser on The PALA Fitness Plan

This week starts the eagerly anticipated “Biggest Loser” makeover episode. During this two-part event, the contestants go to the White House. There they reunite with their loved ones, visit with first lady Michelle Obama and take part in the show’s first-ever White House workout.

During their visit with Mrs. Obama, the contestants learn about PALA (Presidential Active Lifestyle Award), a six-week pledge based program. The program is designed to get both adults and children more physically active and healthy. Anyone can participate in the challenge. From children to senior adults, it is geared towards helping people get on the path to a healthier lifestyle through positive changes in physical activity and eating behaviors. Anyone with strict dietary needs, such as vegetarians, vegans and diabetics. You can sign up for just yourself or you can get a form a group and sign up together.

The challenge is broken down into two age groups, one is for adults and the other is for kids and teens between the ages of 6 and 17 years.

For the adults, the first part of the challenge involves becoming physically active. To meet this challenge you need to be active 30 minutes a day, at least five days of the week, for six out of eight weeks. An alternative can be to use a pedometer and reach a daily goal of 8,500 steps. (more…)

Biggest Loser’s Two-Part Makeover Week Features Michelle Obama

First lady Michelle Obama will appear on a two-part Biggest Loser “makeover episode,” airing Tuesday, April 3 and 10 at 8-9 PM ET.

As the contestants prepare for the highly anticipated makeover show, they will meet with fashion expert Jeannie Mai and visit the salon of celebrity stylist Ken Paves. Just before the fun begins the contestants receive a surprise video message from the first lady inviting them all the the White House.

Once the newly made-over group arrives at the White House, they will first be surprised to reunite with family members. The makeovers, transformation reveals, and family reunions will all take place in the first episode and all before they meet the first lady.

We’ve got a sneak peek of what’s to come! Check out Chris Pickler, aka Mrs. Claus, pictured here, in her starting photo and her makeover photo 13 weeks later! (more…)

Biggest Loser Contestant Kim Stone is No Longer a Diabetic

Biggest Loser contestant Kim Stone returned home after leaving during week 12 in Hawaii. Stone appeared on The Today Show, where she talked about how she was happy to sacrifice herself so her daughter could continue on the show. “I hope that she does well. I hope she continues to work towards her weight loss goals and I wish her the best of luck.”

When Stone started on the show she weighed 219 pounds, had type 2 diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure. She now weighs 151 pounds, only one pound away from her goal weight. Not only has she lost 68 pounds but she is no longer a type 2 diabetic, does not have hypertension or high blood pressure. On The Today Show she said, “I feel like a whole new woman.”

Now that she has lost all that weight and is much healthier, what is her plan to stay that way? For starters she is making sure she doesn’t forget everything she learned while being on the show. Knowing how easy it is to fall off the wagon when you let yourself get to the point of starvation, Stone makes sure she always has healthy snacks in the car. “When I find myself away from home doing errands and gone longer than I anticipated, I can be literally starving,” she said to Prevention. “That’s when you’re weak enough to stop anywhere, a burger place or a taco place. My husband has helped me with that, too. We load up the cooler with healthy snacks, and we’re set.” Being prepared is especially important for Stone since she lives over 20 miles from the nearest grocery store. (more…)

Jessica Simpson Surprises the Biggest Loser Contestants with a Fashion Makeover

This week’s Biggest Loser is full of even more surprises. The game is going to singles and the first yellow line of the season will appear at the weigh-in to determine the next eliminated contestant. Amidst the drama, Jessica Simpson will surprise one challenge winner with a shopping spree.

As the contestants dissolve their teams, they will be sent to an ice rink for their first single challenge. Each player will be harnessed by a rope to a ring in the center of the rink and all players will be playing tug-of-war against each other in order to make their way to a buzzer. As each contestant pulls, the other contestants will be tugged further away from their own buzzer.

The challenge promises to be grueling, earning the winner and one contestant of their choice a chance to be swept away for a day of fashion with Jessica Simpson. The singer, actress and designer will style the winners in her Jessica Simpson Collection Los Angeles showroom. The winners will try on clothes and model their new slimmer bodies. In addition, the contestants will be allowed to keep any clothes, purses, shoes, or accessories so they will have a new wardrobe when they leave the ranch. (more…)

CONFIRMED: Are Biggest Loser Contestants Walking Off and Forcing Production to Shut Down?

UPDATE: 4/16/12: On the 4/17/2024 episode of Biggest Loser Season 13, we will see, for the first time ever, production at the ranch come to a halt due to the contestant walk-out. Don’t miss it!

UPDATE 8:20pm 2/22/12: We received an update from an anonymous source close to the Biggest Loser who confirmed the walkout with this message, “Just confirmed – walk out.” We were told the remaining contestants got in a taxi and left.

For a season themed around “No Excuses,” it seems this season’s Biggest Loser contestants are using every single one in the book. Each week during our live #BL13 Twitter chats more and more loyal viewers announce they’re finished watching the show because the drama seems to be exceeding anything we’ve ever seen from the show.

Now, it seems the contestants may be done with the show too, premature of the finale. According to admittedly rumored reports from TMZ, the contestants have already walked off or are threatening to do so. Reportedly production has already been shut down.

Our press contact at NBC told us only “We don’t have any comment on this.” (more…)

Joe Messina Walks Off Biggest Loser 13

In a surprise move that no one saw coming, Joe Messina has left the Biggest Loser ranch. With no warning and no hint of what he was thinking, the 38 year old truck driver from Auburn, NY simply packed up his bags, walked into the living space of the house, and announced that he was going home. His reason? His desire to be with his fiancee and kids trumps his weight loss goals.

Messina began his journey at The Biggest Loser weighing 342 pounds and lost just 23 pounds in his three weeks there. His actions infuriated his teammates on the black team and frustrated his team leader, Bob Harper. In a phone call after Messina left, Harper called Messina’s reason for leaving, “the biggest excuse ever.” Despite Harper’s repeated insistence, Messina stayed firm in his desire to remain at home with his family. This season has been nicknamed, “The Season of No Excuses,” and Messina used one of the oldest in the book – putting his family ahead of his health. (more…)

Meet Biggest Loser’s New Nutrition Expert, Rachel Beller

There’s a new face on the Biggest Loser ranch, but not one you’re likely to see very often. While her handiwork is witnessed throughout the season, we rarely get to see her teaching the nutritional skills the contestants rely on. Meet Rachel Beller, MS, RD, the new nutrition expert for Biggest Loser. She’s filling a position vacated by Cheryl Forberg, RD at the end of season 12, the co-creator of the current Biggest Loser diet.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” she told us, saying there aren’t any plans to change the Biggest Loser diet. It’s certainly not in need of change, since the plan,  based on the program outlined in 6 Weeks to a Healthier You written by Forberg, was recognized as the best diet for weight loss and diabetes by US News and World Reports last week. “We at Biggest Loser are so pleased to receive top ratings from so many of the world’s leading nutrition experts who served as judges,” Michael Dansinger, MD, the Biggest Loser Nutrition Doctor and co-author of the plan, told us. “There are many great eating strategies for maintaining or regaining great health and we are proud to be among the very top of a very important list.”

So far Beller calls her new job “a lot of fun and very hands-on.” She has an impressive background in nutrition, coming to the ranch from her own Beller Nutritional Institute, where she translates clinical research into real-world results. Dr. Dansinger, her new colleague, had this to say about Beller: “Rachel is a nationally recognized nutritional authority who knows how to motivate people to be the best they can be. She knows that good nutrition is the best medicine and has a special way about her that helps people gain clarity and perspective about the importance of healthy eating.” (more…)

Planet Fitness is Biggest Loser 13 Contestants’ New Home

The first big product placement of tonight’s premier of season 13 of The Biggest Loser is for Planet Fitness. Gone are the days of sweating off the pounds in a 24 Hour Fitness outfitted gym. Contestants and viewers a like better get used to seeing Planet Fitness, a cost effective chain that made headlines in 2006 for terminating a member’s contract for grunting too loudly.

Planet Fitness markets itself as a “Judgement Free Zone”, and offers fitness equipment and personal trainers at its over 400 locations around the U.S. Planet Fitness’ membership cost is a huge selling point. Working out shouldn’t be expensive, and at $10 a month, it’s appealing to those trying to save a little green.

@Mrod31183 tweeted: “Did the deed. Left Lifetime for Planet Fitness, much better deal with not a much overhead. Great facility here in the hills as well.”

Some aren’t convinced, though. While Planet Fitness may be perfectly acceptable if you have Bob or Dolvett pushing you along the way, many aren’t fans of the lack of services.