Joe Messina Walks Off Biggest Loser 13

In a surprise move that no one saw coming, Joe Messina has left the Biggest Loser ranch. With no warning and no hint of what he was thinking, the 38 year old truck driver from Auburn, NY simply packed up his bags, walked into the living space of the house, and announced that he was going home. His reason? His desire to be with his fiancee and kids trumps his weight loss goals.

Messina began his journey at The Biggest Loser weighing 342 pounds and lost just 23 pounds in his three weeks there. His actions infuriated his teammates on the black team and frustrated his team leader, Bob Harper. In a phone call after Messina left, Harper called Messina’s reason for leaving, “the biggest excuse ever.” Despite Harper’s repeated insistence, Messina stayed firm in his desire to remain at home with his family. This season has been nicknamed, “The Season of No Excuses,” and Messina used one of the oldest in the book – putting his family ahead of his health.

Joe Messina’s brother Mike had been eliminated the week before, and Joe has referred to this action as the “nail that sealed the coffin.”

There has never been a contestant on The Biggest Loser voluntarily walk off the show. Most telling, there was no “Where are They Now?” clip at the end of the episode.

It’s almost like he wasn’t ever there.

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