CONFIRMED: Are Biggest Loser Contestants Walking Off and Forcing Production to Shut Down?

UPDATE: 4/16/12: On the 4/17/2022 episode of Biggest Loser Season 13, we will see, for the first time ever, production at the ranch come to a halt due to the contestant walk-out. Don’t miss it!

UPDATE 8:20pm 2/22/12: We received an update from an anonymous source close to the Biggest Loser who confirmed the walkout with this message, “Just confirmed – walk out.” We were told the remaining contestants got in a taxi and left.

For a season themed around “No Excuses,” it seems this season’s Biggest Loser contestants are using every single one in the book. Each week during our live #BL13 Twitter chats more and more loyal viewers announce they’re finished watching the show because the drama seems to be exceeding anything we’ve ever seen from the show.

Now, it seems the contestants may be done with the show too, premature of the finale. According to admittedly rumored reports from TMZ, the contestants have already walked off or are threatening to do so. Reportedly production has already been shut down.

Our press contact at NBC told us only “We don’t have any comment on this.”

Supposedly the contestants learned of a game-changing twist that would allow eliminated contestants to return to the ranch and have an equal shot at becoming a finalist, and thus winning the $250,000 prize. It’s not uncommon for the Biggest Loser to throw unexpected twists at the contestants that completely change the direction of the game. And they have, in previous seasons, brought back eliminated contestants to participate as equals. The lukewarm reception that Daphne and Adrian received when they earned their spots back on the ranch in week four should be a clear indicator of the hospitality of this bunch of “Losers.”

Biggest Loser 13 is currently in production, but likely only a few contestants remain. The preview for the February 29 episode shows all contestants going home, which lets us assume that it’s Christmas week (and historically, the spring-season contestants shoot over Christmas and are allowed a trip home for that week).

We’ll certainly report any updates.

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