Planet Fitness is Biggest Loser 13 Contestants’ New Home

The first big product placement of tonight’s premier of season 13 of The Biggest Loser is for Planet Fitness. Gone are the days of sweating off the pounds in a 24 Hour Fitness outfitted gym. Contestants and viewers a like better get used to seeing Planet Fitness, a cost effective chain that made headlines in 2006 for terminating a member’s contract for grunting too loudly.

Planet Fitness markets itself as a “Judgement Free Zone”, and offers fitness equipment and personal trainers at its over 400 locations around the U.S. Planet Fitness’ membership cost is a huge selling point. Working out shouldn’t be expensive, and at $10 a month, it’s appealing to those trying to save a little green.

@Mrod31183 tweeted: “Did the deed. Left Lifetime for Planet Fitness, much better deal with not a much overhead. Great facility here in the hills as well.”

Some aren’t convinced, though. While Planet Fitness may be perfectly acceptable if you have Bob or Dolvett pushing you along the way, many aren’t fans of the lack of services.

@MsWinsome tweeted “Planet Fitness sucks – no spin classes, no yoga, no Zumba, no bootcamp, no pool – at $10 a month, you’re getting what you pay for.”

@ryan_a_jones tweeted “Wow. Planet Fitness is giving each Biggest Loser contestant a free membership! A whopping $120 value!!!”

Whether you like the chain or not, Planet Fitness on the Biggest Loser Ranch is sure to house plenty of screaming and produce some amazing results this season. If you plan to join, however, keep your grunting to a minimum.

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