Jessica Simpson Surprises the Biggest Loser Contestants with a Fashion Makeover

This week’s Biggest Loser is full of even more surprises. The game is going to singles and the first yellow line of the season will appear at the weigh-in to determine the next eliminated contestant. Amidst the drama, Jessica Simpson will surprise one challenge winner with a shopping spree.

As the contestants dissolve their teams, they will be sent to an ice rink for their first single challenge. Each player will be harnessed by a rope to a ring in the center of the rink and all players will be playing tug-of-war against each other in order to make their way to a buzzer. As each contestant pulls, the other contestants will be tugged further away from their own buzzer.

The challenge promises to be grueling, earning the winner and one contestant of their choice a chance to be swept away for a day of fashion with Jessica Simpson. The singer, actress and designer will style the winners in her Jessica Simpson Collection Los Angeles showroom. The winners will try on clothes and model their new slimmer bodies. In addition, the contestants will be allowed to keep any clothes, purses, shoes, or accessories so they will have a new wardrobe when they leave the ranch.

Simpson’s new show Fashion Star will air immediately following this episode of Biggest Loser. The show features Simpson as a fashion mentor to rising designers.

While the two winning contestants will have a very special week on the ranch, two contestants will fall below the yellow line at the weigh-in and an emotional elimination will take place as another person is sent home from the ranch.

Drama, inspiration, and emotions will be running high on this very stylish episode of Biggest Loser. Catch it Tuesday, March 13 (8:00-9:30 p.m. ET).

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