7 Hot Health and Fitness Trends That Will Own 2024

As we end the first week of 2024, it seems appropriate to look ahead and forecast what will be the hot fitness and health trends of the upcoming year. It’s always fun to not only look back to archive a year, but seeing which trends will be big and make a mark this year is, too. We’ve rounded up the seven things we think everyone will be chatting about this year and in to 2024!

1. Fitness and Health Smartphone Apps. Last year was another big one for fitness apps. Just this week Consumer Reports noted that MyFitnessPal was at the top of their list for “DIY Dieting.” There are so many useful and effective programs available that, according to Huffington Post, it’s expected that even health professionals will start advocating for and recommending these apps to help keep their patients on track.

2. Crossfit and Women in the Weight Room. The popularity of Crossfit has yet to wane and as a result more women aren’t getting scared out of the weight room. It’s assumed that more women will take up these classes and practices this year. The benefits of heavy lifting are being revealed as social media has proven a great way to show off the results many women are seeing. Nevermind the internal benefits such as bone and heart health.

3. HIIT is Hot! In the same vein as other popular regimens, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will keep keep busy people fit this year. HIIT boasts of being able to offer intense workouts in half the time. So, those who can handle the impact can stand to get in and out of the gym much faster this year. Give it a try with this Jessica Smith HIIT Workout for free.

4. Non-Traditional Races. The amatuer race scene exploded in 2024. Every month a new type of fun run was introduced. From the Color Run to Zombie Runs and even nighttime Glow Runs. If this trend continues, like it’s expected to, so many people will count themselves as runners for the first time and make this their most active year ever. This has proven to be the best side effect of these runs.

5. GMO Haters Will Keep Fighting the Good Fight. The past year brought GMOs to the mainstream for the first time. So many people finally learned about the ingredients in their food, and California took the country’s first real stand to have them labeled. While the November election didn’t yield mandatory labeling, many believe the fight has only just begun. Expect to hear plenty more about the farming industry and big biotech companies this year.

6. Gluten Free Maintains Mainstream. While the foodies and health nuts went crazy for gluten-free eating last year, the masses only began their affair with GF foods. It’s expected that GF options will become even more common in 2024, including availability at fast food restaurants. For those who have to eat gluten free, this is a blessing. No longer will they have to shop obscurely or eat awkward versions of the menu options. Will this also propel the trend that has nothing to do with health, just trendiness? Probably so.

7. Meatless Eating. In 2024 the “Meatless Monday” trend seemed to pick up for many people. Really, the challenge to eat meatless a few days a week turned into more than a once a week ordeal and as 2024 progresses, it seems it’ll be quite prevalent. Whether it’s for personal beliefs, health, or simply a way to expand your plant-based diet, going meatless, even at the part-time level, is expected to trend this year. It can be seen by the offerings in the supermarket and by the fact that even the heartland, aka cattle country, is seeing plenty of vegetarian restaurants pop up rapidly.

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