8 Celebrity Fitness Secrets You Should Actually Follow

jessica simpsonToday’s media has put a lot of emphasis on health and so called “sexy bodies.” It seems that the Hollywood celebrities are able to get a hold of the latest workouts and exercises; which leaves the rest of us in the dark. Well, I have researched a few secrets that the “celebs” take advantage of. Below is a list of the featured celebrity fitness tips.

1. Hit the roadSecret one is all about hitting the road. Penelope Cruz takes advantage of the open road for her fitness needs rather than being cooped up inside the gym.

2. Stability ball trainingSecret two comes from Jessica Simpson and the almighty stability ball. She performs ball squats and ball crunches on a normal basis to help tone her legs and stomach.

3. DanceCelebrity fitness secret number three comes to you from “Dancing With The Stars.” Several of today’s celebrities enjoy getting out and tearing up the dance floor. Dancing is a great exercise for the body and enjoyable as well.

4. SportsSecret four, par four, celebrity Catherine Zeta-Jones secret is that she enjoys a round of golf to fulfill her fitness needs. Walking a round of golf is not only fun and relaxing, but burns a couple hundred calories per hour as well.catherine zeta jones golfing

5. Cross-training/Race preparationArtist Sheryl Crow uses a cross-training theory to train her body. She mixes her cardio workouts between jogging and biking while training for a hundred mile bike ride.

6. Resistance bandsSecret six is brought to you from Julie Roberts, whom performs several exercises and movements with resistance bands. Bands offer a great resistance workout that you can do at home, on the road, or at the gym.

7. Charity eventsCharity races are often at the top of most celebrities to-do lists and celebrity Meredith Vieira participates regularly to raise money for cancer and mental health charities.

8. Drink plenty of fluids and try new thingsSecret eight consists of drinking fluids and trying new things. Celebrity Naomi Watts does Pilates and intakes plenty of water throughout the day to help keep her body hydrated and in tip-top shape.

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