A Beginner’s Guide to Fitness Classes

Starting a new gym experience may seem a little overwhelming at times, that’s why I recommend hitting the fitness classes. Fitness classes not only offer an intense workout, but provide you the opportunity to meet some friends that share the same fitness goals and also learn a little more about which activities support certain areas of the body.fitness class

Most fitness facilities offer a plethora of different classes from spinning to yoga. Each class will target different parts of the body as well as different intensities of cardiovascular training. I recommend trying each class to find the ones that give you the best workout and that you find most enjoyable as well.

Before joining a gym, ask the membership representative to discuss the classes offered or give you a brochure about each class. Also, be sure there is no added charge for fitness classes. Most fitness facilities offer free classes as part of the membership fee, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Most Popular Fitness Classes:

  1. Yoga:  Focuses on flexibility, breathing, relaxation, and maintaining positions
  2. Spinning:  Focuses on leg endurance, cardiovascular training, and sweating
  3. Kickboxing:  Focuses on total body endurance and cardiovascular training
  4. Body Pump:  Focuses on total body strength and endurance training
  5. Ab Lab:  Focuses on core strength, balance, and stability

Read now for a full list of the most popular fitness classes and summaries of each.

Benefits of Fitness Classes:

  1. Offered throughout the day
  2. Several different classes to meet your individual fitness needs
  3. Meet new people
  4. Intense and enjoyable workouts
  5. Go at your own pace
  6. Attend as long as you want
  7. Many different levels of classes from beginner to expert
  8. Tons of group energy
  9. New fitness tips and advice
  10. Great modification to weights and cardiovascular training

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