Alison Sweeney Introduces The Mommy Diet

Moms are a special breed. They do it all, and then some more, and rarely complain and hardly ever ask for anything in return. What happens in all of this psuedo-superwoman-esque-ness is that they give up a lot of themselves in order to care for a household, the children in it, the spouse, and the hundred other people and things that demand their attention each day.

Alison Sweeney is one of those moms. She has two kids, two jobs, an adoring husband, and, let’s be honest, what from the outside appears to be a pretty fabulous life. But brass tacks, she’s still a mom trying to do everything she can to maintain and manage. So, she wrote The Mommy Diet.

The book is supposed to help all these superwomen do it all AND do some for themselves, too. It’s all about getting fit and staying that way before, during and after pregnancy… even if it’s several years after.

I had a chance to speak with Alison about her new book, during a break from Biggest Loser 10 finale rehearsals. She’s excited about the book, and should be, because there’s a lot of information in there women… moms… need to hear.

The book “tells the whole story,” says Alison, about covering every aspect of life before, during and after pregnancy. It’s for those moms-to-be who need to get fit to be pregnant, those moms trying to have a healthy nine months, and those moms who are ready to shed the baby weight and reclaim their figures (and lives!).

The book is very anecdotal, offering a glimpse into the real-life Ali Sweeney, who she is as a mom, and the relationship with her husband, Dave. She is open and honest about her own pregnancies, and the differences between the two for her older, Ben, and her youngest, Megan. “It was completely different,” she says about her second pregnancy. “I was way more informed about what is good nutrition, how to exercise, what different options are out there for you.” Because of all of this, she says she “gained less weight and lost it way faster” the second time around.

Ali discusses five important elements of a woman’s life in each of the three sections of the book: fashion, food, fitness, relationships and self-care. “Self-care is the easiest to let go of… once you’ve let go everything else is going to be harder to maintain,” says Alison. She encourages women to do little things and big things to make themselves look and feel beautiful, healthy and strong.

“Women need to be validated that it’s OK to paint your toenails, get a facial, or even just take a longer shower,” she says. She advises that women “Thank your body for how hard it worked for you… it makes you a better mom because you’re mentally there.”

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