Ana Alvarado’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

Watch our exclusive elimination interview with Ana Alvarado. She calls her time on Biggest Loser “nothing short of a miracle,” and that what she learned in only seven days at the ranch is that “we can push ourselves to do just about anything.” Hear more about her daily diet, fitness regimen and why the weight loss has helped her career.

Interview made possible by MultiGrain Cheerios.

“I’m a work in progress,” says Ana Alvarado, the first elimination of Biggest Loser season 11. A 50-year-old postal worker from Portland, Ana’s journey started at 255 pounds. While she tried her best that first week, along side daughter and teammate Irene Alvarado, the nine pound loss wasn’t enough to keep her above the yellow line.

While she was only on the ranch for one week, Ana’s already lost more than 50 pounds at home, with a goal to lose 100 pounds by the May 2022 finale.

Listen now as Ana talks to us about how her weight loss has inspired her co-workers to get in shape, and why she’s not making a resolution this year.

Ana says that in her brief time as a contestant she learned that she’s able to work through the pain of the workouts. She’s a newcomer to the gym, and hadn’t ever been in one before, living a mostly sedentary life. Now, she works with a trainer three times each week before work and walks three nights a week with a friend.

As for her diet, she’s sticking to what she did learn at the ranch. She counts calories and weighs and measures all of her food.

She’s grateful for the one week she had at the ranch and wasn’t too bothered by leaving because her absence would mean her daughter could focus on herself.

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