Angelina Jolie Too Thin at the Golden Globes?

Stars are rarely more critiqued than they are on awards night. Their hair, their dresses, their performances, their speeches – nothing is safe. That’s true for Angelina Jolie at tonight’s Golden Globes.

During her presentation, Twitter was instantly taken back by her bone-thin arms and “sickly” appearance as one Twitter user posted.

Recently, frightening news has circulated that Jolie, actress recently turned director, was on a 600 calorie per day diet. Photos of her in November, during a trip to Vietnam, revealed stick-like arms hanging from a strikingly thin frame. Sadly, it seems not much has changed since those photos were taken.

Some reports point to her being so busy, between her many professional obligations and as the mother of six young children, that she often doesn’t have time, nor make time, to eat. Skipping meals often leads “what not to do” advice for dieting and weight loss. It can wreck your metabolism, and wreak havoc on your health.

A 600 calorie diet is nothing that should be emulated; that’s hardly enough for your body to even power itself through the day. The only diet we’ve heard of with fewer calories is the hCG diet with 500 calories, and we’ve spoken out against the hCG fad numerous times.

Jackie Keller, founder of Nutrifit, told RadarOnline that “anything under 800 calories…is a starvation diet…”. In 2005, while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jolie was using Nutrifit. Keller says that for Jolie’s height, 130 pounds is “a healthy weight… she should be on 1500 to 1600 calories.”

The 5’8″ tall actress has always been slender, but given her action roles, she’s always been slender with curves, cut muscles, and a healthy appearance that is enviable. Tonight’s look from the Golden Globes stand leaves fans questioning her wellness.

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