Biggest Loser 14’s Danni Allen Will Recap the Season Exclusively at DietsInReview

Each year, sometimes twice a year, hundreds of thousands of people vie for a very few coveted spots on The Biggest Loser. At most, two dozen people are selected for the most exclusive weight loss experience in the world.

For the upcoming fourteenth season, there were 18 spots open. Danielle Allen, or Danni, was lucky enough to grab one of those spots. And we were lucky enough to grab Danni, as she’ll assume the role of Biggest Loser Correspondent during this new season.

“Whether we made it or not, we knew this was going to be our starting point. I never thought I was going to make it because the casting was so fast,” Danni told us of her casting experience with a friend. She talked with casting directors at an open audition and headed home, like so many other hopefuls just like her.

“But then, that night, I got a phone call saying they wanted me! I was shocked! A lot of paperwork later and I was on my way to to the ranch.”

Call it luck, right place at the right time, or fate, but this was just the next step in a journey she’d already committed to.

Last February, the 26-year old spent a month in the hospital sitting next to an ICU bed. It wasn’t hers, but that of her father.

“We didn’t think he was going to make it,” she recalled. He had a weight-related illness that hospitalized him. During his stay, he turned 50.

“I saw myself in him and I knew that that was not what I wanted. I knew he did this to himself and I did not want to one day spend my own 50th birthday in a hospital. I knew I had to make a change.”

Danni recalls being 25-years-old and completely disgusted with herself. During a time in her life when she felt she should be going out and having fun, she wasn’t.

That will no doubt change after her stint at the Biggest Loser ranch, which kicks off this Sunday, January 6 in a two-night premiere. Danni is part of an exciting season in which Jillian Michaels returns and for the first time ever teens will join the cast.

“When I heard, I thought it was the best idea the show had ever had. I have always known America suffers from this [obesity] epidemic and now we are putting it onto the children,” said Danni about the news of three young teenagers suiting up for Loser.

In a recent interview with Alison Sweeney, she assured us that Noah, Sunny, and Lindsay will never set foot on a scale, won’t workout in the gym, and they won’t even live on the ranch. Unlike the very secluded life of the adult contestants at the ranch, the kids will head home and be supported in their own environments.

“I think these teens are going to be great ambassadors for the kids of families that watch the show. I know they are going to be so much more relatable and better role models then adults are at their age,” remarked Danni.

We’re excited to follow Danni’s journey in a way we never have with a contestant before. She will be our Biggest Loser Correspondent for season 14, and you can follow her weekly recaps exclusively here in the blog. Tune in to new episodes every Monday on NBC, then check out her perspective here the next morning.

Throughout the season we’ll reveal more of Danni’s journey and celebrate each success she experiences.

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